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Tron Run/r Gameplay Review PS4, PC, Xbox One


Is Tron Run/r worth $20 and worthy of the Tron franchise? If you enjoy this video please hit the like button and subscribe for more gameplay, live streams, and reviews!

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  1. I enjoy runner games, but I hate playing them on my phone, they feel clumsy & I hate staring at that little screen! Personally I'm glad to see games like this on console.

  2. I personally don't like playing games in my mobile device so I'm glad it's a console game. I'm waiting for the Xbox One version though

  3. I actually just finished this game today…I really love the look of it and was pulled in from the first few levels by level 14 on the runner I was pulling some nasty combos and perfect runs without even thinking about it…the light cycles are cool…something to be proud of when you are reach the end and you had 1 second left…prob gonna do the add on stuff if it goes on sale don't really wanna spend an extra $15 right now…

  4. I like your channel, not trying to be a dick but you can make a pop filter out of a pair of tights and a coat hanger.

  5. the game looks …not so good…no battles with the disks, no battles on vehicles, no battles on the cycles …just run? ….I'll pass for now untill maybe a DLC adds more interesting stuff…like anything.

  6. The stream mode isn't actually randomly generated. It's just a series of premade segments and just randomly put together. It gets noticeable the longer you last

  7. In a few months this'll probably be a free ps plus game so if you're thinking of getting it on PS4, give it a while and you might save some money

  8. 3 things: I have only ps3, this game should have disc wars, & since they made this game they better make Tron 3!!!

  9. The best game about Tron which has ever been released was&is&will be Evolution for PSP. There was everything. Awesome lightcycle arenas,races,disc arena,hacking missions,even Recongniser control! Aand tanks.

  10. Omg, I am a huge Tron fan, I was so disapointed that Disney didn't try to spread the word about this, it looks so cool.

  11. I just caved and bought the deluxe edition of this game, directly from Steam. After playing for a few hours, I have to say that this game definitely has it's place for consoles and PC. I would never want to play this on a mobile device (unless it had a big screen) as the graphics in Tron Run/r are very intense (and gorgeous), for small mobile screens.

    Also..you HAVE to play with with full surround sound speakers and powered subwoofer of at least 100 watts… The music on this game is awesome! Even more awesome, to know that the legendary Giorgio Moroder was involved, in the creation of the music in Tron Run/r.

    I waited for some time, to buy this game, as I've heard the Steam version was very buggy when it was first released.
    The latest deluxe edition, seems to run really well.
    If you're a Tron fan..I definitely recommend this game. It's really fun and I sort of consider it an expansion to Tron Evolution.

  12. I am a long time fan of Tron but not runners. Man that is a beautiful looking Tron game. It's a shame they couldn't have at least included some modes for other modes like light cycle battles and disc battles. Even better, a reboot of Tron 2.0 (with those battle modes) that has these nice visuals. Heck, I would be happy if they just made the original Tron 2.0 Killer App Xbox One compatible (especially if it was the PC release of it). Oh well, this video at least saved me some money and gave me a nice brief Tron show.

  13. Thank you so much for the good review (▰˘◡˘▰) The Deluxe Edition is on sale 67% off 😛 So I decided to get it 4 my Xbox X 🤪👍

  14. Well” frankly it is possible for the makers of the game to add an online version, it won’t cost much . Well who knows with Disney, they shelved the TRON 3 movie for Star Wars lol witch was a big mistake that’s why they’re ending the franchise so they can add it to there theme park lol wow what a way to retire a franchise lol well there’s always room for TRON lol

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