Home Gadget Review Tronsmart MK908 Quad Core Mini PC Review XBMC DROIDMOTE SUPPORT

Tronsmart MK908 Quad Core Mini PC Review XBMC DROIDMOTE SUPPORT


Get Tronsmart MK908 here:http://bit.ly/ZwR4CJ
See blog review and firmware upgrade instruction here: http://bit.ly/13m2OYJ
Get the droidmote app from Google Play Store

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  1. Like the dual cores, anyone which support 2.4Ghz air mouse can support this, search the air mouse on geekbuying to find more.

  2. Waiting for a model with:
    AP6330 + USB OTG + Android 4.2

    geekbuying, do you think you will have such model?

    Maybe we can find in your store the latest Mele remote and the MK702II remote.

  3. I have a MK808 and love it, my only complaint is that it is a little laggy at times, I might pick one of these up and see if adding 2 more CPU cores fixes the problem. I can't wait till they start making these things with Adreno 320 or Tegra4 chips. I know that's probably still a year away, but I can always dream.

  4. Oh, also, I am curious to know if anyone has been having trouble with external hard drives hooking up to the MK808? I don't know if my drive just isn't compatible or if there is a size limit, but I can't get my WD 7,500rpm 1.5TB to recognize when directly hooked up. If I leave the HDD hooked up to my laptop and then connect to it through the network, it sees it just fine, but I get nothing if I try to hook it directly to the MK808. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

  5. Ok, I got a message from a fellow MK808B owner saying they had the same issue and it turned out to be their USB adapter. So, I immediately took off my old adapter and grabbed the one that came with the MK808B, and sure enough, it now recognizes my 1.5TB HDD. Thankyou to the manufacturer for supplying an adapter with the MK808, apparently mine went bad somehow. And thankyou to Dr01d4Lif3 for the tip, otherwise I would have gone mad trying to figure out why out didn't work lol 🙂

  6. Would you recommend using Netflix on this for a 1080p display? I read somewhere else that the Netflix application for Android is not optimized for such high resolutions, but I'm curious to see what you think.

  7. i do not trust geekbuying website list loads on ebay and deliver to uk and amazon and deliver to uk and i will buy it also you will get loads more buyers that way

  8. Antutu socre in android 4.1 OS is 15000+, and when it upgrade to android 4.2 this score will also get higher.

  9. HI, as far as i know, Netflix newest vresion can't work well on Android 4.2 OS, but you know, in china, we can't test Netflix, we will ask our friends in US to test for us, and get back to you guys.

  10. just got my MK908 😀

    is it possible to get the Wifi display app showing on the Tronsmart T428 review please ?

  11. What I meant was please list on eBay and amazon and deliver to UK addresses and I will buy

  12. There are some plug-in programs that support soft-power off. I just use a power-strip. They don't consume hardly any electricity anyway.

  13. You don't have to worry about GeekBuying. I have purchased from them and they deliver. They accept PayPal, so IF there ever was a problem, you are covered anyway.

  14. I think the Mk808 came in at 7000 or so. The new chip is scoring 15000+. The higher, the better. Of course it will get a bit hotter and consume a bit more power. Hope that helps. I haven't tried running Antutu on my MK808 but now I will and compare it to the MK909.

  15. hi geekbuying can you comment the difference of this with tronsmart t428? i mean both is quad core. so which is better?

  16. ah that makes sense the price difference. then it makes more sense to get this compares to mk908. am i right to say so since it has a better wifi chip. how bout in terms of custom roms? i heard the mk series has more support. is that true?

  17. If I connect an High Speed 7 Ports Expanded USB 2.0 Hub, with a keyboard wireless receiver on, at the miniPC, will this keyboard work? thanks

  18. There is now an Update My Google Nexus running 4.2 now works with Netflix and my MK 808 🙂

  19. Hi, I have Tronsmart MK908 Quad Core Mini PC but have problem wit logitech wireless touch keyboard k400. at first not scroling. second: letters Z ans Y are replaced.
    What can i do??

  20. Sorry to bother but how can i get to control my cx-919 from my smartphone? Which is the name of the app?

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