Home Gadget Review #TVReviews@Dinos: Sony Bravia R562C 40 inch LED Clever Tv set Overview (price tag, characteristics, etcetera.)

#TVReviews@Dinos: Sony Bravia R562C 40 inch LED Clever Tv set Overview (price tag, characteristics, etcetera.)


I overview the Sony Bravia R562C 40 inch LED Internet Tv set 2015 model and give you specifics about its characteristics, price tag, hard disk/video structure compatibility, requirements, etcetera.


  1. The pricing for R562C varies too much across different online portals – amazon (55k), flipkart (51k), ebay (44k). Is it safe to buy from ebay – what factors do i need to ensure to buy genuine/new product?

  2. Hello Dino,
    Thank you for the detailed review. My 40inch R562C is due on next week though I have a doubt, does it have digital optical output? And all 2.1 and 5.1 system are compatible with this model?

  3. your telling for R56c, but u mentioned R562C …major difference is x protection pro and more over R56c , i can't find any where…

  4. Does this TV have optical out ? I want to connect it to my soundbar on which 3.5 jack is already in use! It has an optical out to connect it.

  5. Hello. I hope you can help me. I will be buying a 40 inch smart tv that sony offers…i would want to know if sony KLV-40R550A and klv40r552c are the same model? Do they belong to the R550 series? And why isn't there video reviews for these models??

  6. do not afford Sony LED TV, its a scrap, many experienced panel problem after the warranty period. specially those who bought by 2011. Sony service doesn't mind to respond these people. If you are planning to afford Sony TV be prepared with another INR 20000 in the next couple of years for Sony panel.

  7. about the smartphone mirroring….. is this TV compatible to both apple and android phones??? or just android ???

  8. Does streaming something on the tv with a tablet or phone have to be an android? Or can I use the feature with an iPad?

  9. Hi dino, will this TV support 2tb external hard disk formatted with NTFS  to view media files on tv via USB??

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