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UBM HOTEL-EXCLUSIVE FOOD REVIEW | Food Review with Abi | Abi The Artist | UBM HOTEL | Erode


UBM HOTEL-Food Review

I heard a very good hype for this hotel in YouTube but actually it is not.
UBM Hotel is at Perundurai, Erode District. “This is not a normal hotel, This is a Food Served at Home”, Hotel owner said.
Speciality of this hotel is their 20-Variety NonVeg Dishes. It is a good south indian variety lunch experience, but not up to the mark. Taste of the food is only “OKAY”.

Pros of the Hotel:
Good variety of dishes from chicken, Mutton, Turkey to Fish.
Good South TamilNadu style People are serving for the food.
Big Banana Leaf Food Feast.
Good variety of Mutton items.

Cons of the UBM Hotel:
No menu displayed about the dishes to be served.
They missed few items while serving to me.
Not Worth for the Money.
Chicken is so hard to eat.
Chicken and Fish Fry are not so fresh, can’t feel the tenderness.
Food is only limited.(If you ask for second time, they are hesitating to serve)
They haven’t allowed me to video shoot their Kitchen.
No bill for the food.

Total Damage to my wallet:
Bill for 1 person.(No bill for the food)

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  1. Even I felt the same Rs.600 is not worth. I would have been happy if at least they display a menu and I was also expecting a bill.

  2. Food is not worth for RS 600.even rice is not unlimited also.not good.i Ll never recommend this hotel…

  3. Did anyone noticed, He added a special masala before serving rice, may be the that’s the reason for extra taste
    Time: 2:36

  4. Chennaiல ஒரு நல்ல Restaurant போய் ஒரு starter 250 ரூபாய்க்கு ஆர்டர் பண்ணி, total bill minimum 1000rs வரும்போது இவ்வளவு items சமைச்சி பரிமாறும் போது 600 ரூபாய் பெரிய தொகையா எனக்கு தெரியல. அவர் போடுற அளவு இலை size chennaiல இருக்குமான்னு தெரியல. But anyways nice video. Thanks.

  5. Felt too lag on this video watch the same hotel review of mrinal's blog 👍 and it is not a 5 star or 3 star its just a home meals restaurant. And a review which means not only the price of food the way they treat us also a big part. but you ain't mentioned that as well. As compared to other home meals i guess this worth it for 600. Because there are lot of dishes they had served and will give the food as much as we want but you guys didn't shoot and its upto the individuals. thats why i prefer mrinal's blog because he is showing all of them in a quite good time duration. Hope you got the point brother. All the very best in future 😘

  6. Iocals are not interested in visiting this hotel.Mostly Chennai people's visit by watching social media.Lunch is not worth for money $ masala are same for all dishes

  7. Enda loose pasangala parimarinathukku appuram ore imege a kattavenfiyathu thane time waste audio worst

  8. To be Frank 600 rs kku ivlo item adhigam… Like namma ella thaniya thaniya 1/4kg vanguna evlo varum yosichi parunga… Barbeque nation na eppadi irundhalum we will accept… Konjam nattu purama irukara edathula romba thappu kandu pidikirom…

  9. I guess it is correct review. Cos city la BBq with unlimited starters, main course, live counter, deserts, mocktails, which costs around Rs 600. So when compared to that, I feel it is bit costly !!!

  10. Oru sapatukku Potti pottu ellurum review panrom ana natta atchi panra mp mla va yarum intha mathiri review panrathu illa .

  11. I think by the video the basic gravy is same for all items with little adds up. There is no dry item for all. Only for posing camera.

  12. Sema nadipu… Over acting… Athum lady romba too much acting… Veedu na yenna pundai ku cash vanguringa

  13. தயவு செய்து யாரும் இந்த ஹோட்டலுக்கு போகாதீங்க சுத்தமா டேஸ்டே இல்லை 600rs வேஸ்ட்

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