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UD reviews some light novels


As an experiment, I review some books to my cell phone camera. Please comment to tell me if you like this, and if I should do more.

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  1. Well, those, and Vampire Hunter D, which has more influence (crazy amounts, in fact) in Japan, but isn't really that popular here. Which is sad, because it's actually really good (The Light Novels. The Anime movies are… well the first one from the 80's is terrible, and the more recent one is alright). The First Vampire Hunrer D novel is a bit… less fully ormed than the others, though.
    Next comment.

  2. @mstrswrd

    Anyway, that was a fairly well done review of the three series (only two of which I know. And Book Girl is not one of them). The only thing I could suggest would be to, if you do keep doing this, to try to keep it One Series-One Video.

    Apologies if I was rude/off topic too much.

  3. I read the novels online before I saw the anime. Now that they've released them I've bought them as they came out and reread them. I really everything about the franchise, but the novels are the best.

    As to Spice and Wolf, I've seen both seasons of the anime, but I haven't tried the novels. I quite like the series, and I actually really like the relationship between the two main characters. I love the conversations they have and the interplay between them.

  4. I just realized I did specify that the first series is Haruhi Suzumiya in my first post. Whoops.

    I've never heard of Book Girl, but it sounds like something I can sink my teeth into. *rimshot* Seriously though, it sounds like it has problems, but I may check it out.

    In any case, you seem like a fairly decent reviewer, I suggest you continue making videos.

  5. On the video itself, I thought you were articulate and informative. On the subject of localized novel sources for anime/OVAs have you read the two Yukikaze books?

    On Spice and Wolf, I thought the relationship is sensibly paced. From the perspective of a medieval commoner, a romantic relationship with an immortal supernatural being is probably not the first thing to come to mind. Horo's constant faux-flirting doesn't help either, so there are mental barriers and issues to be gradually worked out

  6. I really liked this video, and your commentary was informative. If you were to make more, I'd enjoy watching them and probably learn about some things worth reading/watching because I don't keep up with the Eastern culture drop on the West as much as I'd like to. Good job!

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