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Ultimate Revenge: Everything Has A Cost


If your fiancee was raped, what would be the ultimate revenge against her attacker? Would it be killing him? That is, indeed, a permanent solution, but what if you wanted to make the person suffer for a longer period of time, to make the person have some idea what it’s like to feel the sort of pain, suffering, and humiliation your loved one had also felt? Then, the ultimate revenge might be to make the man into an involuntary transsexual, as Ben Nightingale does to Henry Emerson III, the man who raped his fiancee, Erica Lazarus, in Ultimate Revenge Involuntary Transexual, by author and attorney Herman Franck, Esq., and then-go even further.

Ultimate Revenge: Involuntary Transsexual is about what can happen when a man is driven to the very edge by a desire for revenge against the person who raped his fiancee, and puts his plan into action. Ben Nightingale seemingly had the perfect life, a great job as a newspaper reporter, and a beautiful fiancee. One night, while out on a date with her, his world came crashing down around his shoulders in the brief span of just a few minutes. That was the time when she arose from their table to go to the restroom, and she was followed there by the man who would then inject her in the neck with animal tranquilizers and sodomize her.

He wore a condom, which he flushed, to try to destroy any possible evidence that would link him to the crime. But one thing he hadn’t counted on was for her to fight back, as she was heavily drugged. She couldn’t offer much resistance, but she did manage to whack him once with her elbow, and he angrily punched her in the jaw, leaving the unmistakable imprint of his ring on her cheek. When Henry had finished, he then injected Erica again in her neck because she was starting to come to. He made good his escape, and moments later another woman walked into the restroom and screamed at the sight of Erica naked and passed out in one of the stalls.

When Ben came running and saw his fiancee there, obviously violated in some horrible way, he quickly dialed 911, and took photos of the crime scene and the imprint of the ring as evidence to use later. He tirelessly searched the Internet, as Erica lay comatose in the hospital, in the aftermath of the attack and the emotional and psychological depths it had sunk her to, and eventually, his research paid off. He discovered it was a type of ring that was only made for the class of West Point graduates from 1942, and that there were very few of those at all close to where he lived in California. Of course, the original owner of the ring would likely be too old to be the culprit, but whomever it was could have passed the ring down to his son who then passed it to his son.

The novel becomes a story of what someone does when he has enough evidence collected that he knows who violated his fiancee, but the justice system lets him down. Though an initial conviction is obtained, the evidence later is deemed to have been obtained illegally, without a search warrant. The ruling is thus overturned, and a guilty man is set free after having been in jail for only a small portion of his sentence of eight years. Also, his wealthy grandfather has passed away while he’s been in jail, leaving him millions of dollars. He knows that, although he’s received counseling and therapy for his bipolar manic depression, there’s not a cure for it, and he might again succumb and rape other women in the future. Ben Nightingale knows it, too, and with Erica in an asylum, maybe taken away from him forever, and the man who raped her now being set free to once again prey on society, he comes up with a twisted plan for revenge.

Ultimate Revenge: Involuntary Transsexual is sure to provoke a visceral response in its readers. Nobody wants to see someone get away with having committed a terrible crime like rape almost scot free, but also most males reading the book will likely cringe at the extent Ben nightingale goes to for revenge, not wanting to imagine something like that happening to themselves. The author, Herman Franck, is a seasoned attorney who has somehow also found the time to write several excellent novels and screenplays, and he knows that our judicial system is not perfect, and that unfortunately, sometimes innocent people are imprisoned and guilty ones are set free after brief jail stints or are never convicted in the first place. Like John Grisham, Franck often includes in his novels, as he does here, realistic gritty portrayals of courtroom scenes. A couple of examples of novels in which he does this are The Noble Prizener and The Post Debutante. If you’re already a fan of Herman Franck’s novels, or you like to read suspenseful novels of retribution and revenge, then you should run out and get a copy of Ultimate Revenge: Involuntary Transsexual today!

By Douglas Cobb

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