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Unboxing and review of novels from Ingram Spark, softcover, hardcover


In this video I unbox and talk about my novels printed by Ingram Spark, in softcover and hardcover. At the end I also talk a bit about the story of my book.

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  1. Congratulations on your book.  I  hope it's a big success.  Just one thing….the gutter margin looks like it could have been wider.

  2. Your book looks really good. Just one thing: your gutter margins look too narrow. You might want to try for wider margins in the future.

  3. It looks great, thank you for this as I am considering a restoration of an old book myself and would like to publish it in hardcover. Speaking as a graphic designer the trim on your dust jacket was a little more off than perhaps might be expected. That said when you design your jacket its best to take that into account, so don't have a colour that should hit the fold over perfectly (as that's hard to guarantee) but instead continue the colour from the front right around to the inside and design the flap accordingly.

  4. Please tell me how to get paperback and hardcover both from Ingramspark. I already will be setting kdp to standard distribution. Please help how to get both versions. Do i need two isbn?

  5. You're getting ripped off if you're only making 20 cents per $31 book, by a lot. I'm coming out with my first book, Nambin: The Call, October 2020, using Dorrance, and I get 20% retail in stores, 40% online. I don't know what the price will be yet, but regardless, it'll be more than 20 cents per book, at any price. By my count, with a $31 book, you should be making at LEAST $6.20 per book. Idk if it's just ingramspark, and createspace, but this is a horrible rate. You'd be better off selling the book on the street corner.

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