Home Game Review Unboxing: Microsoft Wired Xbox 360 Controller for PC

Unboxing: Microsoft Wired Xbox 360 Controller for PC


PCs do a lot of things very well, but one the thing gamers miss is the feel of a gamepad. I decided it was time I bought a 360 pad for my PC.

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  1. the other one the standard the normal one for xbox it have a green box does it works also on pc? or only this one?

  2. Pc gamers hate console cuz you have to change console when the company created a new version of console

  3. this is one of the cheapest good quality controller recomend you to buy it if u play pc games

  4. I brought this, use is very carefully and all the sudden… The analog is broken, both left and right..

  5. I bought a genuine one but the left analogue doesn't feel as precise as my old ps2 controller. It has a very small deadzone to the left and is slightly noticeable in driving games. Anyone has this problem?

  6. minecraft pe definitely works 'cause controller support and I bought a otg cable and xbox 360 wired and hooked it up then played a lot on mcpe

  7. Yeah. Bloody fucking NBA 2K16 has just brought me here as it does not let me save my custom gamepad config.

  8. can i use a program called x360.ce it's also and xbox or any other usb controller drivers if u dont have i cd plot

  9. at 6:49 he said it was a port but it is accutarly for a headset to put in:) peace out

  10. i just bought a fake one of these 🙁 the fakes have: stickers slightly off, no cd in the pack, only 1 leaflet, xbox coloured buttons real but do not sit central, light feel, loose analog sticks, mic input was black and didnt look secured in right, slight partition between the 2 halves of the controller.

  11. Has the directional pad been improved at all from previous models? Original D-pad is horrible for fighting games, can be fixed with modifications but required taking apart. Which leads me to 2nd question. 🙂
    Does it still use standard Phillips screws or torx screws? Thanks

  12. Nothing will ever come close to the original xbox s controller, I prefer the black and white buttons to the bumper buttons.

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