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Underworld – Rise Of The Lycans Movie


Arcane and mystic elements have drawn towards them the human attention since long; what gained popularity as tales are now been given an entirely new dimension – thanks, Virtual Reality! And since it’s a proven fact what the human mind abhors the most is also what it is attracted the most, it is no wonder that the dark celluloids draw in the crowds by hordes and dozens, especially those, who are a little extra fanatic on the subjects of Vampires and Werewolves. So welcome to the Underworld and have a Fang of a time watching the Rise of the Lycans!

As even any casual movie-watcher shall agree the preceding Underworlds to be anything but mere eye-candies and of course, a serious representation of the mythology portrayed, we rejoice at he idea that even the third creation of the Underworld series stays at par with its predecessors. But that doesn’t mean Lycans don’t have anything to create some annoyance at times; how long can you bear an idea that expands itself upon brief flashbacks? But still, the movie excels in being an exciting one and pure fun to watch; to the lovers of blood, gore and gruesome vehemence, an epic-standard final battle scores triumph! Ladies, you are asked to rejoice, for shirtless males often do not appear this hot as Michael Sheen and his gang of Werewolves appeared here.

Despite being a prequel story-wise, (it’s a tale that starts centuries before both Underworld and Evolution) with its roots embedded deep into the Dark Ages, all we can say is the Underworld franchise is on its way (or has it become already?) a boon that grants never-ending profits in the sci-fi horror sector. The human race has an inherent good and evil in its brains; Rise of the Lycans is the perfect detonator to initiate that big blast.

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