Home Gadget Review Unique Gadget – Xiaomi Mosquito Killer Review!!

Unique Gadget – Xiaomi Mosquito Killer Review!!


Unique Gadget – Xiaomi Mosquito Killer Review!!
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Today in this video we are going to show you one more unique gadget and it’s the mosquito killer form Xiaomi. So let’s do the unboxing and find out more about it.

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  1. Do comment below how you find this unique Gadget!
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  2. Dont buy anybody , I have its not worked, You replied, but i also made my room dark, light & inside fan of that machine working but mosquito not die

  3. Hey stupid fool.
    Instead of talking about the cover nd material if u talked about its effectiveness more u wud hv got more likes as well as more subscribers moron

  4. Such trap is not good for outdoors (even if it works as per claim) as they will attract more mosquitoes towards you. so repellents are good instead

  5. Hi Dear. I am interested in buying
    the product that u receive for review . Leme know @9928899511 thx Raunak

  6. Why not showing dead mosquitos ? Actually it's pretty suspicious that you don't show any…

  7. ज्यादा इंग्लिश बोलने का मन करता है

  8. I have ordered two after watching your review but I'm disappointed with the noise. You didn't mention anything about how loud this thing is. For me and my wife it's way to loud to keep it in bedroom. Other than that it's nice little gadget and we hoping to use in our caravan too.

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