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UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat 2017 | Best Most Popular | Reviews | Ratings


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NOTE: In the video, Nat says that the fabric is “flame retardant.” It is actually flame RESISTANT.

Welcome to our first update from the ABC Kids Expo in 2016! In this clip, you get the first look at the new UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat 2017, coming soon to Magic Beans. This update on the popular infant car seat features new and improved fabrics, with a more tailored look, more padding, and some great new colors.

The most exciting new feature of the 2017 UPPAbaby Mesa is the new wool blend fabric, only available with the Henry (blue marl) color theme: because wool is naturally fire resistant, this seat contains no chemical fire retardants! It’s the first car seat on the market released without fire retardants, serving the concerns of parents who are trying to keep their kids away from questionable chemicals.

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  1. Isn't there typically flame retardants in the foam as well. Is Uppababy saying the entirety of this product is flame retardant free or is just the fabric wool and free of them?

  2. Any idea if the 2017 mesa will be compatible with the 2015 Vista? We purchased our Vista already. Baby is due in February so wondering what to do!!!

  3. when can it be available on your website to purchase please? does it have a color to match the grogory/blue marl Cruz 2017?

  4. is the 2017 mesa going to weigh less than the older model? any idea what the size/weight/specs are for it?

  5. Is the Mesa compatible with the Uppababy Vista 2017 ?? & and in what website I can buy the stroller and the car seat?

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