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Used Car Buying Guide | Consumer Reports


Used cars aren’t the bargains they once were, but you can still score deals. Consumer Reports tells you how to shop for a used car and steer clear of lemons. And check out our list of the best used cars for under $20,000: http://bit.ly/wL777G

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  1. I didn't know that 1, Veranos are reliable "used" cars yet, and I didn't know can get a Verano used yet.

  2. also open the oil filler cap and look inside with a flashlight, if the inside looks like it is coated with a brown paste, DO NOT BUY THE CAR, it means the owner didnt care about changing the oil at the right time and the oil became sludge and stuck to the entire inside of the engine. Everything inside the filler cap should be clean, if oily, metal.

  3. @SweetHubby82 Ya because BMW, Mercedes, Audi or VW never built a good vehicle…. you'd rather have an american car?

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