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Vdara Hotel and Spa Panoramic Room Review


This is a no bs review of the Vdara Panoramic Views room in Las Vegas.
Things we wanted to add:
The resort fee is $44.22 a day
The only available parking at the hotel is valet. The cost of that is $25 a day
There is no coffee machine, but you can rent one for $20 a day
Room service had a delivery fee of about $5 per person. This did not include gratuity
There is no casino, but there is a Cafe, a Starbucks, and one restaurant.
There’s a lounge at the pool where you can rent cabanas and additional “semi-private” seating and pools.

All-in-all we really did enjoy this hotel. It was less crowded and chaotic than the others who have casinos and night clubs inside. The view was amazing from all rooms too. Definitely worth the money. Especially if you have an Mlife credit card.


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