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Vdara Hotel and Spa Review Feat. Vacation Impossible


Vdara Hotel and Spa Las Vegas Review Enjoy our latest Las Vegas Vlog: Vdara Hotel & Spa, the latest of the MyVegas Comp Rewards that we’ve used.

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  1. Vacation impossible is right. I turned around and went home with my tail in-between my legs. Think I'm just gonna fly next time

  2. Damn, R2d2 will bring you aspirin?! 😂 so awesome.
    That VIP pkg add on sounds worth it for sure!

  3. Very nice trip summary. I really enjoyed you posting your values for the comps from my vegas and especially your total values of pointed used at the end. another Great video as always. 👍

  4. Another informative vid. Can u pls speak in more detail how you got the Wynn buff comp. At the buff line? At the Red card booth? I will be using my Wynn App gems for the buff in April.

  5. Hello Ace of Vegas! I just found you! I subbed you! I hope we can help each others channels going forward! A big thumbs up and always watch the whole thing! Will add the ACE to my MUST VIEW list! Most of November was my recent trip to VEGAS! Take care!

  6. Awesome vid showing the savings in conjunction w your rewards redemptions…also I was wondering how you were able to stack your rewards?! I have 2 rewards so far(2 night at park and bogo love show) and was wanting to get a buffet and some other small rewards but am under the impression I can only redeem one more reward per the 30 day rule

  7. I never tire of this sign either! I miss Vegas already and I was there just before Christmas. Haha

  8. Hey ace, how’d ya get to spend 5 myvegas rewards as well as get the 2 night at vdara? So far I’ve only had 3 and 1 night at a time. Cheeers

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