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Vdara Hotel & Spa Overview


Learn more about Vdara Hotel & Spa, a non-gaming, smoke-free, eco-friendly, all-suite boutique resort.

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  3. The valet parking is terrible I just stayed there Saturday Memorial Day weekend. The valet parking boy lost my keys inside the car and he didn't know were the keys where so he left my car open with the windows down as he admitted that he was afraid the car could get locked to make everything worse I left my camera and glasses inside the car thinking that was locked nothing got lost but even the car could got stolen as you only need to push a button to start it the whole process of finding the keys lasted for about half an hour which causing me to arrive late to a concert that I bought. The valet boy was rude to us and even suggested just go to Caesar palace valet and tell them to leave my car open I couldn't believe it when on the first time they were the ones lost my keys at the end they just offered to return the resort fee which is about 40 dollars in my opinion not enough

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