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Vdara Resort and Spa Studio Suite Tour Las Vegas


Vdara Studio Suite Tour

Time to start the Vdara Studio Tour. After the Vdara VIP Check-In Experience with the Aria Limo, we got a chance to check out our Studio Suite at Vdara. Vdara Resort and Spa Las Vegas is probably one of my personal favorite MyVegas Comp Rooms. So here’s our Free MyVegas Room at Vdara.

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  1. Very thorough, i like the extra kitchen area..though unsure if I would want to cook while in vegas but nice to know what Vdara has in their rooms.

  2. Vdara is really a great value choice. Not the least expensive choice but, for what you get, a terrific option. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ace – Thanks for the tour. How much was the resort fee? Looking forward to the rest of the videos of your trip. How did you do at bubble craps?

  4. Read on FB, that there isn't a casino? That kinda bursts my bubble. Sadly, will have to be gambling late night else where!

  5. Bra you got the camera looking down, want to see the whole room and not section by section.

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