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Vdara Studio Fountain View Suite Review 2018


Hello all. For my April Vegas trip, I thought I’d review one of my favorite Non casino Hotels on the strip, Vdara.
Everything about this hotel resembles class and elegance. From the front staff down to the Valet, you are treated like royalty
Enjoy the review as only shortbus can give you.

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  1. I wished someone put some music to their review. It's 2018, and I needed a popping video to share, however, it is very thorough. Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful review, just the right amount of info. I’m actually happy there is no music, I find music annoying on review videos, lol. We will be staying at the Vdara in Nov for the first time, very excited.

  3. Awesome!  I just booked a stay about an hour ago for this Christmas.   We've mostly been staying at the Palms lately, but this one looked like a nice  change with a central location.   Beautiful view (we booked  Fountain side also) and great looking room.

  4. Great Video. By the way the TV is just another unused item, the real show is outside. You are right always be polite when making a suggestion on a change.

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