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Vdara Suite Review with Fountain View 2019


We stayed in the 1 Bedroom Vdara Suite with a Fountain View.
Here’s a look at the room and our impressions of it!

Please watch: “Vegas Summit II,,, It gets a little drunk…..”


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  1. I love watching your videos! Dave and Michelle you make such a perfect couple and you make all of your videos so interesting and informative! My partner and I watch all your videos before we go just to see if there is something different we can do or see. Thanks again and keep up the good videos!
    Faithful watcher!!!

  2. I have watched a ton of review videos on vdara bc i will be there this fall and am torn between panoramic and executive corner suits…normally i stay bellagio and love it but you have the best i have seen. Plus you referred to one area as the "pile your shit spot" instantly gave you realism credibility with me. Plus the titos vodka 🙂 Thanks from michigan

  3. Loved your room tour. Very nice. My husband and I go to the wine fest at the Split rock ski resort in the Poconos every year and our suite looks almost just like that. I love the 1 bedroom suites cause I like to stay up longer and enjoy the suite while my husband goes to bed earlier and you can close off the bedroom from the livingroom. You 2 look like a very nice happy couple. Glad I found your stream. The videos are really nice. Well take care and have fun. From Bethlehem Pa.

  4. Niceeeee view!! OMG!! Washer and dryer too!! Great! I always put on make-up at the room desk. It was a little annoying to plug the cell phone in the wall and leave it on the floor. My friend put her money and passport in her room safe. She remembered halfway back to the airport and had to return to the hotel. She'd already checked out, could not reenter the room, and had to go to the front desk. They didn't let her back inside the room, she had to give security her safe numbers, how much money she'd left in the safe, and show her identification. The room was still empty, security found her money and passport. They returned everything to her. She arrived at the airport in time to board the plane back to NYC. Because she was in such a hurry to not miss her flight, she dropped her driver's license at the Las Vegas airport and did not notice until weeks later someone sent it to her by mail.

  5. Beautiful suite and great view. I like the balcony rooms at the Cosmo or was it at Aria? Love your room tours. You take the time to go over everything. They should give you a great view for all the screen time you gave them.

  6. How far is the walk to Cosmo from there? Also is it connected to the Aria or any others or do you have to go back out to the strip?

  7. Let's start off with saying, WOW! Great view and perfect for my timelapse. Thanks for the room number. Starbucks pickup is worth the price of the room. lol Nice comfy bed and good hot water and shower pressure. A Must!! Great review. really digging the vlogs. I like your style.

  8. The Elara doesn't have that great of a view, still nice, but they give you EVERYTHING you need to cook and eat. I could make a souffle' if I wanted! Plus the jetted tub is huge with great view out the window. TV in every room including bath.. Vdara is still pretty nice though..That view is unbeatable!!

  9. Amen on the pillows at Bellagio !! We order 4 of the King size every few years, and the tier discount covers most of the shipping cost

  10. Ten to fifteen years from now there may not be many great views left because they keep putting up more buildings.

  11. very much trust your opinon on the Vdara Fountain View as being just great as the Wife will let you know if soming is sub-par (such make-up light,and any thing else.) I will be there 10/28-2019 11/2- 2019

  12. The Vdara is nice, last time I stayed there I had the Corner suite and its is huge! Only issue it was not a strip view. But we did not stay in the room much other than to sleep.

  13. NOPE! That is NOT the better view! You might have a better view of the fountains. But, you've got the section of the hotel blocking your view of the valley, mountains, freeway, and Rio and Palms to your left. They told you wrong at the front desk.

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