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Video – A Blessing Or a Curse?


The uses to which video can be put are many. It is probably the best medium of education so far. As a teaching aid it has unlimited potential. Large numbers of schools and colleges have adopted what has commonly come to be known as ‘audio-visual’ means of teaching. In the field of language teaching the video has proved to be immensely useful. Reading gives most people a lot of pleasure but watching an animated version on the screen of what one has read will certainly prove to be more interesting. It will also leave a more lasting impression on the viewer. What is seen is probably more easily remembered than what is read.

Uncontrolled use of the video, however, has put the future of our youth in peril. Video halls place no restrictions on admission and so there is no control over the kind of film which is available for viewing to young and may be immature audiences. In some cases even parents are not careful enough about the films which they allow their children to see. This and the present fascination for Western films and everything Western are corrupting the minds of our young. It is destroying the very fabric of our society. Traditions and customs are losing their place.

The video, therefore, like most scientific inventions has manifold aspects. On its own it is neither good nor bad. It is what man makes of it. Used properly it can be of tremendous benefit but abused it can have terrible results.

By Michael C Miller

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