Home Car Review Volkswagen Golf R MK 7.5 Owners Review [ft. Lenny The Geeza]

Volkswagen Golf R MK 7.5 Owners Review [ft. Lenny The Geeza]


Volkswagen Golf R Review and drive Mk 7.5 Facelift with the owner Lenny The Geeza. This is an owners review of a 2017 MK7.5 VW Golf R by Lenny The Geeza and Myself. Milltek and Forge Motorsport are both mentioned in the vid as Lenny has had a couple of subtle modifications.
In this video we also mention a few of the major differences between the MK7 Golf R and the facelift version.


Links from video:

Lenny’s Instagram

Urban Automotive

Forge Motorsport

Milltek Sport


Video Links:

MK 7 Golf R Review

Lenny Drives my Nissan GTR


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  1. Does anyone else find it funny when he begins feeling rough? I would have sped up also if one of my mates were feeling rough

  2. Thanks for the review guys. I love the dump valve sound. Could you tell me if there is any tradeoff in installing the forge dump valve vs having it stock?

  3. I’m wondering if vw fixed the problem with the oil leak all over the engine, do you see any oil on the engine ?

  4. “So when you’re sitting at 80, errr I mean 70. Sitting at 70.” Lol!!
    You’re a good combo. Great vid.

  5. Sorry, but I just can’t understand you guys with those accents. I think you’re speaking English of some kind??? 🙁

  6. Hey man, great car and video. I have a question: in dsg full manual mode, does it still change gear up when redline, change down when you slow down aproaching a roundabout and kickdown when you floor it in a gear? If yes, does it bother you too much? Because, for exemple, the audi rs3 doesn't do that, i do not know how it behaves in the s3. I love dsg box but manual mode should be fully manual. Because you drove so many supercars, what's your opinion about that and why some models are fully manual and others are not. Your nissan gtr behaves like this? Thanks a lot.

  7. Seriously I’m looking to get a new car but can’t decide over the Golf GTI 2017-2018 or the Golf R 2014-2016? Can someone give me the best similarities and differences between both and I’ll purchase the car on finance.

  8. I just bought a 2018 Golf R in Lapiz Blue! Can you send me the info on your steering wheel?!? I’d love to get that for mine to continue the “blue “ theme

  9. Why is this vid recommended for me I can't stand VAG Group cars especially golfs.Rubbish dsg's and reliability made for people who can't drive a rear drive car or a manual for that matter….😂😂😁

  10. everything about this video is bad, from the lack of knowledge, the characters, the sh*t rip offs of Top Gear video editing in
    the opening sequence. Give it up guys.

  11. Great Video, and I know the speed limit wasn't exceeded…. I missed my Mk 7 Lapiz Blue so much after driving the AUDI, I got the 7.5 before they de-tuned it because of EU regulations. The new box is great and a few subtle hints on the front intakes and spoilers makes it a little more aggressive but still looking like a family hatchback.

  12. Great channel mate 👌🏻love the editing, what editing software are you using? Keep up the good work 👏

  13. Had my 7.5 18 months, last week the car was full of water on the in side, door seals, rear light seals, speaker seals, and the front passenger wing seal all went! be careful as this is pretty common fault with VW! it was all covered on warranty but just be aware for those buying 3 year old Golf R.

  14. Mate your videoing skills are immense, make it feel as if I am actually there. Some good stuff 👌👌👌👌

  15. Why do you hate being in the passenger seat so much, was the fear derived from a childhood memory? Or?

  16. Hi, anyone here experiencing turbo-lag in the Mk7.5 Golf R DSG?. I’ve driven the latest A250 merce version and noticed the feel. Golf R seems a bit sluggish in Race mode.

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