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The GTI appeals to the driving enthusiast who needs a practical everyday car. It combines quick acceleration and fun handling with a fuel-efficient engine and a versatile well-finished interior. Find more information on the Volkswagen GTI and other cars on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. I test drove a 2009 TSI and loved it; I agree with the points made, but I was hoping to hear more about reliability (coming from a Honda that has taken my abuse very well).

  2. I have a 92 GTI 16v/ I did not care for many of the predessors,too bloated and handled like a barge. The new ones are a vast improvement, however I wish they had a base model without all the toys inside. Simple, fast, handles like on rails… like they USED to be. Just give me a cranking sun roof, some top notch Recaros and a chassis that begs to be driven. Not a Cadillac with GTI treatment.

  3. We have a 2010 golf and I plan on geting the mk6 gti soon, I'm 6'3" and i can honestly say its scary how much room is in that car, i can sit in it with 6" of space above my head its terrific. The fit and finish is top notch too, way better then the mk5.

  4. @JukieMcJukerson

    When your driving a Civic that has no options, not even a tachometer, then there's not much to go wrong with it in the long term so naturally it scores higher on reliability.

    German cars tend to be packed with features standard. Even if an air vent breaks, it's considered to be a point towards unreliability.

  5. @JukieMcJukerson

    The way they calculate reliability scores is ridiculous. It has almost nothing to do with the mechanical operation of the car.

    People who buy Hondas and Toyotas don't care if they have a minor problem with their car. They won't go to the garage unless the car stops running entirely. No problems get reported, reliability scores go up.

    People who buy German cars are incredibly picky and will hound their dealership to fix even the faintest of rattles.

  6. @luminaeus All I can is it is true lol. I once hounded my dealership to keep looking into a squeal coming from my rear left tire. I swore up and down something was wrong, either the brakes are messed up or a leaf is caught in between the pad and the break disc. Sure enough they found it was dried up leaves I would not have been able to get access to. Just to give an example of how OCD we can be when it comes to these cars haha. That was my previous GTI which was an 07. Now I am in a 2011 Mk6 lol

  7. @JoPsyko LOL, I have an '05 Cobalt now… looking at a GTI for my next car, and trust me, I agree with you.

  8. I had a 2007 Passat 2.0t that I turned in after the lease was up. I bought a new Honda 2011 Pilot because I needed it. Now, all I keep thinking about is the feel of driving a Volkswagen. I loved my Passat, but I had no intensions of keeping it when I started the lease, and loved it even more when I jumped a 7" curb and cleared it by 4 feet. All without doing any damage except for prematurely wearing out the front right tire. I made the mistake of driving the new GTI and GLI. I will get one soon!

  9. @deathisnighfools If you don't like the GTI, stop bashing it on all the videos. If you love the Speed3, which is also a great car, go talk about how good that is.

  10. I own a 96 honda civic.. This weekend I drive the golf gti, and whats realy bad is the gearbox, it feels/shifts like its years older than the geabox in my civic! the electronic buttons are realy nice, u get a good overview of them

  11. HAHAHA where the fuck are you from? they sell a base model for 29k?! damn. Anyway the Speed 3? cant get over the smiley face and ugly ass interior. The gti rides fine and is a great daily driver. You must to be a troll.

  12. "JD power, said a Chevy cobalt has better reliability and better interior quality then a VW? If you have ever had the misfortune of having to drive a Cobalt then would see why sites like that aren't a reliable source"

    You are aware that you are mixing the "quliaty" with comfort and practicality. Besides, Chevy has the same reliablity record with VW. I suggest to learn how reliability is decided, since for any car brand and model there are long lasting ones as well as factory lemons.

  13. you cant call yourself a car enthuiast if you purchase a fwd car. Im not hating but its the truth

  14. They said the cobalt simply because J.D. power may be a bit biased towards american made vehicles, I'm american and would kill for a 2013 GTI

  15. Base models start around 23-24k, not 29k. Why a Speed3? Horrible torque steer, cheap interior, same price as a GTI. If you're going for speed in this price range you go for a WRX. If you're going for speed plus refinement you go for a GTI. If you think the GTI has a stiff suspension you haven't written in many "sporty" cars before. The GTI suspension is not that stiff.

  16. sometimes thats wrong. My 2006 Jetta TDI is bulletproof. I drowned it in a river, hit a gravel pile at 30mph and crashed through rock hard snowdrifts. Never let me down once. 300,000 miles going strong

  17. i just cant get over the cloth seats. it just looks so cheesy to me.
    Id rather get the leather and have to pay more then get the plaid design. just my thought other then that its a great car

  18. Because this is a German car, is maintenance and repairs significantly more expensive relative to like a honda or toyota? If possible anyone have numbers to show I'm trying to decide on cars as a college student and money is tight.

  19. There is a fastidious comparison between the GTI and the R here:
    definitiveautoreview . com/comparisons/volkswagen-gti­-vs-golf-r/

  20. I've gotten Recaro Aftermarket seats in my GTi. I got the Tech package, but the leather seats themselves don't do it for me.

  21. I bought a GTI MK6 December 2011 and have researched alot on forums. You get 3 years of maintenance free and I think the reliability is very good so far. If you go DSG (like I did) at 40K you'll need to cough up $700-$900 for the fluids and maintenance. Try not to do anything too risky if your into modifying your ride. Simple things like tail lights ($500+) and Air intakes ($300+) run. Play it safe by keeping it stock (try to hold off on chip tune) to keep your warranty just in case.

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