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Volkswagen Tiguan review | Consumer Reports


The Volkswagen Tiguan small SUV doesn’t come cheap, but it has athletic handling and a high-quality interior. The SEL’s 19″ tires hurt ride and noise. Learn more about the Volkswagen Tiguan and other SUVs on our website: http://bit.ly/mrUjq1

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  1. The Tiguan has a gear shifting issue that is designed for fuel efficiency, but i think it was mistimed. It apparently shifts into 6th gear at too low a speed and sputters like the reviewer complained. VW offers a fix, TSB 01-12-13 i think it is, that is a software update to the gear shifting. I would buy this in a second if it was available as a 4motion in manual transmission, but 4motion is only automatic. Still debating. Not cheap, but I like VW's.

  2. The Tiguan also has the Sport S position on the shifter so you can force higher rpm's before shifting higher. Fuel economy may decrease because of that however. Plus, like a lot of automatics these days, you can override shifting manually for a bit more control in performance.

  3. keep in mind that they optioned the shit out of it, yes there are better cars but their BASE prices start at where the Tiguan tops out

  4. Base model tig with the manual transmission is only 21k. And it's a blast to drive. Just look for a set of wheel takeoffs.

  5. CX-5…LOL that car rides like crap! can't compete with the Tiguan! sure the price is high, as the saying goes – You get what you pay for!

  6. the way your sub post to look at it is, a fully loaded tiguan is 5 grand less than a base bmw x5 while the base bmw does not have all of the options as the loaded tiguan

  7. I received my Tiguan equipped just like the on in this video for 5k less than what CR paid. It took a while to find, you just gotta be patient.

  8. just don't click all the options, then you will have a decently priced German SUV
    just like CR say, it depends on how you look at the price. i have no regret choosing mine.

  9. it is not necessary, but recommended. i do on mine to get max performance, and because i chipped it.

  10. If you are not rich and want a Tiguan, get the lowest trim.
    I got mine and it has decent standard equipment,i added 4Motion/Automatic Trans and roof rails + fog lights.

    it looks far better than any CRV / Rav4 / CX5 and has a more impressive engine.

  11. Классное видео! Мы тоже обзоры снимаем. Зацените..

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