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Volkswagen up! 2017 city car review – Carbuyer


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The Volkswagen up! is one of the most appealing city cars on the market – especially with the upgrades brought as part of a 2017 facelift. It remains tremendous fun to drive, with good engines and comfortable, yet sporty suspension. It features a stylish interior, and despite its small size, it’s surprisingly practical. But for 2017, there’s a new look, new styling options and some new engines. As good as it is though, you should still check out its twins, the SEAT Mii and Skoda Citigo.

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  1. The high up! A car I've just brought does come with a second 5.5" screen you don't have to use your phone tho you still can to stream music and make calls using Bluetooth

  2. In brazil the Up! tsi is flexfuel and in ethanol it makes around 105 bhp or so… guys have been dynoing it and it goes more than that, like 120 … funny

  3. 2:12 Girl are you trying to foll me you have no fuck leg room p.s sorry for bad language i never say that but you have no leg room ok.

  4. It's strange how Carbuyer reviewers find the hard plastics of the competition nasty, while VW group's always good. Then the "absolute fine knee room" is the second joke, while the seats look like sponges. 32 mpg fuel economy is also rediculous but he tries to pass by it.It's really dissapointing watching all these sponsored german car reviews. I wonder what would his opinion be if the badge was a fiat instead.

  5. "VW Up has alwys been a desirable thing"

    Are you mentally disfunctional? who in their right mind would think "Hey! I want a VW Up!"?

  6. No 4-cylinder option? 3-cylinders are invariably unbalanced and rough sounding, not to mention woefully underpowered.

  7. ugly,nasty, cheap,shit car.
    and since when VW badge became so desirable?
    isn't VW supposed to be economical average car anyway? (that refers to their better offerings like Golf and Polo) Up is a joke.you can buy MUCH better car used.

  8. as regards design it looks almost identical to an hotpoint ariston washing machine.

  9. 1:09 Who needs a reversing camera for a car this small??!? If you select that option your driving licence should be taken away.

  10. I loved my up it was such a good car, it's so underrated. Admittedly this new one has taken some steps back but I loved mine.

  11. My base Up with the weaker 3-cylinder lacks grunt, especially in summer with AC on and a passenger or two. Turbo 1.0 would remedy that.

  12. Weak mpg. Likely to improve as the engine is run in. These small 3 cylinder 1 litre turbos (vw/ford) seem to get quite poor mpg in real world. Given I get 46mpg out of a leon estate (and the absolute worst of 36 in heavy traffic) unless the journey was really short I'd expect at least 50mpg from a light city car like this.

  13. fucked-UP that mpg is appalling. e-UP too. that's got a range of between 60-90 miles between charging. seriously VW leave the micro cars to Smart. stop it.

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