Home Car Review VW Unveils Electric Bus After Diesel Scandal | Consumer Reports

VW Unveils Electric Bus After Diesel Scandal | Consumer Reports


Volkswagen showed off its new electric concept car, known as BUDD-e, at CES 2016. It’s full of high tech features and VW claims it has a range of more than 200 miles. The company also apologized again for cheating on emissions testing.

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  1. Great, we know our home devices can be hacked. So given VW's track record, this vehicle will get hacked through our appliances??????

  2. I'm sure vw isnt the only mfg to cheat on emissions…
    only a matter of time and we'll seee more of this kind of stuff.
    would be nice to see this little bus on the road with useful range

  3. Electric vehicles, bicycles and mass transit are the future………….
    VW should have focused more on ELECTRIC vehicles than TDI diesels — electric vehicles have NO EMISSIONS…….
    Electric vehicles are the future………. Climate Change is real….. we need to deal with the cause (fossil fuels)
    I guess there is no such thing as an ethical business….. Business schools once taught a class called Business Ethics. It looks like Universities needs to bring back the Business Ethics classes……..

  4. The old saying its not a lie unless you get caught rings true here. Truth of the matter is they better go full hog on electric to shed the negativity wrought by this scandal. That and they desperately need some actual design in their cars. They look so horribly bland a perfect generic car to put in an add minus the VW logo… just "a car". Diesels are better left to HD work.

  5. If this looked like the original bus (think big V on front), I'd order one today. This is too boring looking and reminds me of a Ford Edge.

  6. LOL VW a 3rd tier company behind even Chrysler and GM. GL rebuilding a garbage organization after this scandal.

  7. I think VW is a complete con. Forget the diesel thing. This moronic company has been showing a concept Bulli Bus for how many years now? Stick a fork in these fools.

  8. what is this disco bullshitmobile? why would a car ever have to connect to a fridge? Can these auto manufacturers focus on making a good vehicle and quit the pretentious techie hipster shit?

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