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Wamo Pro + N64 Emulator (gamepad for Android, iOS and Laptop)


Wamo Pro Bluetooth Controller acquired on Dealextreme

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Assessment about the Wamo Pro Bluetooth Controller

Bluez IME with assist to Wamo Pro

Video clip exhibiting the Wamo Pro Bluetooth Controller remaining utilized with a HTC Desire Hd to perform Nintendo 64 (N64) video games on Android. We also analyzed buttons, dpad and analog sticks.
Specifics these as how to join to a smartphone, compatibility list, modes of use, attributes and high quality you will come across on the overview backlink higher than.
The Android N64 emulator utilized in the video clip was N64oid (variation two.seven) and the video game played was Tremendous Mario 64.

Video clip made by Infinity Assessments



  1. Hello, there. I'm considering to buy this, but i have a doubt. Will the analog stick work perfectly like this for N64 games in any phone or only in rooted ones? I've seen reviews of the Moga pocket, for example, showing that in a non-rooted phone you wouldn't get the full analog, which is pretty bad for for aiming on shooters, walking slowly on platforms and steering on race games. I wonder if the same happens with the Wamo. 

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