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Want to Build Wealth – Then Read All About It


So many people wish to be wealthy, millionaires or better, problem is they do not know how and when you attempt to explain it to them or discuss various strategies that they look at you like you are talking a different language. It would seem that every High School Student graduating would have a financial literacy class; why do not they?

If I could 'make it mandatory and actually write the class syllabus, outline and create all the manuals, visuals and the training courses for teachers. That's how serious I am about it. Of course, many financial services firms and practitioners have already done all the work, so it would actually be a matter of consolidating the best information and then re-packaging it for graduating high school students.

Let's face it, everyone needs to be concerned about their financial future, too many people are irresponsible with their credit, savings and spending, some are just ignorant and others are destructive due to poor decisions or irresponsibility. Something needs to change, maybe you need to change, may be you need to learn more about financial vehicles that can put you on the right track in life.

I would like to recommend a very good book to you to help you learn about the benefits of money, retirement, investments, taxes, consumer frugality, business smarts and how to travel and enjoy a life of leisure on a reasonable budget. This book and extremely helpful guide is:

"Millionaire Magic; 101 Ways To Do Much More With Your Money * Safe * Legal" Published by Boardroom, Inc. 2002.

By Lance Winslow

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