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Jimmy Cage reviews WARCRAFT (2016). Starring Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu and Ruth Negga. Directed by Duncan Jones.

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  1. I've heard a lot of reviews but this is probably the best one. I may or may not disagree when I see the movie but I like that you explained in detail what you felt was lacking while still highlighting the positives as opposed to others who let their bias against video games and fantasy show from the minute they open their mouth?

  2. You dont even explain why you think Khadgar is miscast, thats the way your whole review works. You have NO idea how to do a good review. Not even things you find good you explain. Khadgar is cast perfect. He is THE Khadgar from the story/game. The young Khadgar was exact what we saw in the movie.

  3. Nice review – well thought out points well presented! I agree with your conclusions.
    All in all it's not really a good film, but it does have some pretty good aspects.

  4. 8.6/10 on IMDB, thousands of 10 star reviews by people that have nothing to do with the game. Are you sure you even watched the same movie?

    Heres the thing with this movie. If you dont know anything about the Warcraft lore, theres a good chance you're going to think this movie sucks because you dont understand it. Well, the problem is that this is movie 1 out of potentially 3. Thats to say, stuff happens that wont make sense until the saga is complete. I havnt even seen the movie yet and I know this is the case. Imagine giving Fellowship a rating/review on the basis that its a stand alone movie with no sequels. The plot wouldnt make any sense. And heres the thing: LOTR was blessed in the fact they were green lit to do 3 movies off the bat. Warcraft however maybe suffers because its only able to make sequels if this first movie is a success, which is a bullshit way to go about making a saga.

    When sequels come, any confusing parts to this movie will make sense. If you're complaining now and not realizing this, you're a bit of a dumb ass. As i said, imagine any trilogy/saga being judged solely on its own merits without the ties to the larger story; you just dont do that.

  5. Chosen actors and the length of the movie are the only things that bothered me, I disagree with the rest you said because most of it could be solved with lengthier movie. And either way the movie for it self was really good and two of those problems was easy to ignore. I was hoping it will be a TV series not a movie but well what you expect, movies tend to be 2hrs long mostly. After I saw movie I came out of theater and thought – that was really good, haven't seen movie like this for a long time.

  6. Just saw it recently and I thought it was a pretty underwhelming but I still enjoyed it

  7. Feel bad giving you a view, clearly just jumped on the reviewer shit on Warcraft train, comparing this to DND movie you should be ashamed.

  8. as a fan myself I'm ashamed that all of these warcraft fans are so biased that they attack reviewers for reviewing the movie as it is. It was just not a great movie.

  9. You can't focus on one character in Warcraft, There is always two sides, There is always Conflict between Horde & Alliance all the time, you cant stick with one main character in our World..

    Duncen represent this like what it is, like it or not. This is how the Warcraft is.

    Edit: You just can't tell the Story of the Lich King and put Sylvanas the Banshee Queen as side Character for example.

  10. i think those kritiker, who said warcraft is nothing, must take benefits from marvel,disney etc. or just want to act as they KNOW movie

  11. I respect your opinion but there is a reason you only have 500 subs. Because you are not intelligent

  12. sry Jimmy you realy dont know what you talking about. "jump to stormwind.. jump to ironforge." you wanna distance in kilometers or what? 😀

  13. movie should of done what the star wars trilogy did, start halfway (world of warcraft, burning crusade, lich king) then do the prequel (warcraft). they tried lumping everything into a 2hour movie.

  14. Also people keep taking warcraft like serious like LOTR … and its nothing like it and is waaaay different. an the Burning legion never showed up until like warcraft 3 … and Guldan and medivh are pretty much the villains of the movie sooo .

  15. bullshit review movie is great ! why would you like a sequel after shitting all over it?

  16. "It’s like someone made a Lord of the Rings movie but left out all the boring stuff about what hobbits like to eat for breakfast and elves sitting around talking about politics and definitely all the stupid stuff about why evil is so bad. "-Thats from a critic that actually knows whats up.Just saying…Oh and 7.9 imdb with 35k votes*cought*

  17. bro …did u play warcraft ..if u dont just fk off assshole…go play warcraft ..then talk and make a review ..why asshole and fk face like u ..make reviews ..

  18. I'm surprised you're getting so many haters. This review is very fair and I found it informative

  19. Alright, I am a huge fan of the Warcraft Lore and the Games and yet, even as a huge fan that really liked the movie, there were some serious flaws in this movie. I would give it a 7.5 – 8.0.
    I went in fearing the orc would not be believable and what I surprise I got, the orcs are by far better actors and more believable than the humans. Actually, the largest problems I have with Warcraft steam from poor acting in the part of the humans. Every time Medivh and the apprentice opened their mouths I would cringe, their acting was poor, the guardian was… At best alright and Khadgan was simply too goofy, too boyish. There was nothing about either characters that showed any hint of wisdom.
    I beg Blizzard, please hire better actors next time, this movie deserved and Elijah Woods as the apprentice, someone that has proved they can play serious character that are still young and full of wonder for the world. Another disappointment for me was Lothar, seriously, Durotan as a CGI hulking monster had more charisma and facial expressions that this guy. Can you imagine him being played by someone on the level of Viggo Mortensen?
    So… Better actors… That is the key for the next movie to be better. I think the director did an amazing job with introducing this world and on the next movie he will be able to expose us a little more to some of those locations he felt compelled to display in this movie simply for the fan's enjoyment. I also know the next story will be by far a lot better. I think this plot was kept intentionally simple because those watching would already have a hard time following the movie because of the complexity of the names, the several locations, etc.

  20. I might have liked it even less than you. It needed a narrator to walk us through all of this and give the story focus.

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