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When Christmas comes this year, mystery novel fans should be in for a treat. Director Guy Ritchie’s new Sherlock Holmes opens that day. It likely won’t take a shining Sherlock Holmes online movie review to bring them in to theaters, though. It looks as though the new film has plenty of credibility on its own.

Robert Downey, Jr. stars as the master sleuth in the latest film based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character. Judging from clips, the talented actor is sure to fare well in the Sherlock Holmes movie reviews to come. His interpretation of an unflappable Holmes appears to be as charismatic as the actor himself. Downey’s previous work in “Chaplin” should relieve anyone worried about a bad British accent spoiling the movie.

Just as no Holmes story would be complete without Dr. Watson, neither would any Sherlock Holmes movie review. Jude Law fills that role in the film, and does so expertly, if movie trailers are to be believed. Scenes shown in the trailer hint at a better “buddy” chemistry than has been seen on the big screen for a very long time. If you’re not already a fan of Law’s, you probably will be after seeing this movie.

Also included in the storyline is Irene Adler, the only woman to have beaten Holmes, according to Doyle’s stories. Film clips indicate a possible romantic interest in the character for him. Future Sherlock Holmes movie reviews should be favorable for portrayal of the role by Rachel McAdams.

Finally, the high-energy style of Guy Ritchie’s directing should be well accounted for with favorable Sherlock Holmes movie reviews. For those not familiar with Ritchie’s previous work, imagine Sherlock Holmes as an Indiana Jones-type character. Clips show plenty of over-the-top explosions and edge-of-your-seat fight scenes to make it a worthy contender in the action category, so you will be tintilated to watch Sherlock Holmes online.

Regardless of what may be said in Sherlock Holmes movie reviews to come, the film is certain to give the famous character renewed fame. A new generation having little familiarity with classic fiction could find a new hero in the character of Holmes. Longtime fans need no convincing of his timelessness.

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