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We Didn’t Playtest This at All review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. I played this a lot in collage as a drinking game and had a lot of fun. Have not played it since though. haha

  2. I played this with "the chaos pack". We had a game where the entire deck was divided between the 4 players (Chaos pack), and instead of losing the game you had to discard a card. On top of that we got "sudden death" as well. This led to complete madness, as explained below. 😛

    Any 1st and 2nd person pronouns ("I" and "you"+ every form of either word)  were forbidden when speaking. On top of this pointing gestures were forbidden, and before placing a card you had to say both "comic sans in awesome" and then "AAHHH! Zombies!" before you could even play a card. 
    On top of that a card called the hot potato had to be given to the next player before you could take your turn.
    Fail any of these and you lost (but due to the chaos card you only had to discard a a card from your over-sized hand of cards)

    Whenever somebody lost it usually started a domino effect because everyone else would forget the rules and say "you lost" and point at them xD

  3. This guy is a board game snob almost every video I've watched where this guy reviews a game it's always the same review and same negative comments

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