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Weapons and Warriors board game review – Episode 3


RETRO TOY REVIEW: Episode 3 – Weapons & Warriors Catapult Accessory.

Reviewing a vintage Weapons & Warriors accessory from the 1994-95 board game and toy line.

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  1. i honestly believe they used red battle balls so that when the kids lost them (which happened often) when finding them, you'd know right away what they went to instead of throwing them away by mistake. i literally lost a ton of them under the couch when i had the pirate set. just thought id give my honest opinion

  2. what the theme song at the beginning of the video I really liked it and want to buy it on iTunes

  3. it was the song at the beginning when the retro toy review pops up with the the yellow behind it

  4. the battle balles are red so u can find the little fuckers after u fire them and most of the time u still cant find them.

  5. Still have mine. Kind of surprised I do. It's been 18 years sense I last opened the box. Can't wait for my son to play it. That and Heros Quest.

  6. I had this game… It was awesome. Also had Fireball Island (which I don't think we ever played correctly cause we got it used with no instructions), and the Return of the Jedi game. I LOVED that one… I played the game before I ever saw the movies but I couldn't wait to watch Return of the Jedi for the pit… disappointed that part was so short but anyway. Another gimmick game I had was Tower of the Wizard King… I remember being amazed by the tower when I first got it lol.

  7. I'm not sure if it was already said, but the balls are bright orange so that you can find them if they stray too far from the playing field. It's a lot easier to find them under the couch than a gray rock or a black cannonball.

  8. i got one full set weapons and warriors castle combat set but missing the box and other boxed set i love the knights and today i will play it for the first time evarrrrrr with some other pieces from battlemasters fuck the eurogames plastic is for real players btw one of the best reviews ever nice music and you know what you are talking about sir and the lotr was funny

  9. They probably made the battle balls a bright orange so you could find them easier after firing them.

  10. Got castle siege (over 100 pieces) but saw the castle and pirate two pack. Can't wait to open that one up. My nephew and I love Assassin's Creed Black Flag and now we get to battle eachother. I'd love to see licenced versions of this game. Star Wars would be perfect with this type of gameplay.

  11. I bought a newer set, and was disappointed to find that they had done away with the little land connectors. I always liked being able to have my soldiers walk the catapult or cannon closer to the enemy gates.

  12. I just found this complete at a salvation army for 3 bucks. Looked like a ton of fun from the outside of the box. Thanks for teaching me what the heck it was all about 😀

  13. Is this game better than Battleground's Crossbows and Catapults? I loved the 80's version of the C & C game as a kid. I'm thinking about getting it for my nephews, though I'm now wondering if this Weapons and Warriors game is better. Anyone?

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