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WEB SERIES (Auto Review Sample)


As It Is Films was the video editor, graphic designer & producer of this video as well as over 200 different videos involving The UN, UNICEF, US Military, NAACP, Land Rover, Lexus, Nissan, Audi, Jaguar, Chevy, Detroit Auto Show, New York Auto Show, Yoko Ono, Hugh Jackman & many other just as worthy though less recognizable clients. Samples of our work as video editors, graphic designers & producers can be found on our YouTube channel & website www.AsItIsFilms.com

As It Is Films, a husband & wife team, offers full service professional video production at affordable rates. We shoot, edit, do graphic design, after effects, color correction & sound mixing.

Got Video? Need Editors?
Website: www.AsItIsFilms.com
Email: BobbiandSunshine@gmail.com
Phone: 310-579-2327 (USA)

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This is a sample of another episode edited for the web series “His Turn Her Turn”. All video editing, graphic design, after effects & production completed by www.AsItIsFilms.com

* Exclusive As It Is Films content for $.99 @ https://sellfy.com/p/CVYn

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