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Web Surfer’s Review : The Dating Strategy @ POF.com pt 3


My final part of this video series where I review the free online dating website Plentyoffish.com aka POF.com and talk about a dating strategy.

Please watch and comment intelligently. thanks.

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  1. I find it easier meeting people on the street then meeting people on this website. POF has a bunch of cowards hiding behind computer screen Contradicting themselves looking for a 0.02% person of the population who most likely wouldn't talk to them anyways. I don't speak to guys online but the girls on it are going to be 53, alone, and living with 6 cats with the attitudes they have. Good review none the less.

  2. @cantryss Thank You. I really tried to be fair. You might be surprised the type of girls u find on POF. I find it has good variety but…the mind set is often the problem. Like you said an attitude. However there is that rare catch waiting to be found. You gotta have alot of patience. thanks again.

  3. You guy are exactly right!! It`s got a lot to do with their mind set , and the good ones are stuck up as hell…mainly because guys spoil them by emails and taking them out, if guys would ignore them or not spoil their ass, we could change the mind set thing…

  4. @GreggW29805 Thanks, im glad you agree. I really try to get my opinion across without sounding manipulative.
    I tell it like I see it. I can't speak for everybody but this is what I've experienced, many times. But ya girls arent 100% to blame, us guys gotta do our part. But I think a lot of it has to do with parenting. Girls dont seem to understand an equal relationship.

  5. It is parenting, They put it in these girls head that they are the shit. The moms are the same way. I was told a gold digga and a ho was the same thing. I dated a girl who was 22 or 23 when I was 34, and heard her mom tell her to get a guy with money or who can buy her a house. well, she dropped me for a younger guy who is spoiled like her,and gives her his money…

  6. @MIKEY19900 Yes but some judge less than others. It's hard for your profile to tell them your a great guy and have them believe it. You should be able to send and receive mail with a free account. If your going to be picky than, the site is probably not for you, seeing as how it's already a limited dating pool, and the chances of finding someone honest is low. Still its worth a try.

  7. @MIKEY19900 I used to think communication was really important between men and women but actually it's more important not to get too involved in it. A simple hi , how are you hows your day is usually enough. Getting into a detailed conversation with the girl your dating is not a good idea. Try to keep things simple. It turns out a lot of women cant stand anyone's opinion but their own.

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