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Website Promotion Through Article Directories


If you are interested in making money online, you can consider joining some free article directories. In this site, you can submit any articles you like for free. Of course, you need to become the member of the site before you are allowed to post your articles. Since it is free to browse the directories, many people would get there to search for useful information and would know you. Of course, these sites have protection for the copyright of your products as people need to retain the source of the article in anywhere they post it out.

If you submit an article to a directory, it would be automatically uploaded to the search engines such as Google and yahoo. Therefore, you could reach many people without spending much time in advertising. Of course, there are something you need to bear in mind if you want to start using article directories for your website promotion. The thing of utmost importance is that your articles must be original. You should never copy articles elsewhere and claim them to be yours. On the other hand, you should always include the information about yourself and your site so that your readers could visit your site for more information. However, you should notice that once you publish the articles online, other people would be able to quote your articles in their sites.

Of course, as mentioned above, although these people are allowed to quote your articles in their sites, they would have to provide the link of your own site at the bottom part of the article so that readers would be able to know about you and your site.

In fact, in order to boost the footprints for your sites, you should try to write articles that are related to the topics of your sites. For example, if you site talks about cars, you could write articles about how to maintain the cars at a good state. If you could provide more professional information on the topics, readers would trust you more and your site would be more creditable.

When you start writing articles, you should bear in mind that your articles should not have too many words. 700 words would be already quite a lot. On the other hand, after finishing the article, you should try to post it on your blog first, before submitting it to article directories. This is to prevent other people copy the content and claim it to be theirs.

Actually, when you submit your articles to the directories, especially the new ones, you are helping the owners since they need articles to create the brand name of their sites. Therefore, it is really a win-win strategy to do advertisement on the Internet. If your articles are really good, you might even be invited by the owners of the directories to become their partners and work for the directories together. If that is the case, you could promote your site much more easily! Therefore, start picking up your pen and write now!

By Dmitri Dansin

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