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What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Cold Sores?


Most people throw their hard earned money away buying prescription medication that they think is their best option. Sure if they follow the directions and catch it in time then they might have a good chance of stopping the outbreak. But it is not the best method, first of all drugs are expensive and your body get accustomed to the medication and adapts, so making it less potent and reliable. At first the virus is overwhelmed by the medication and is easily defeated, but after a few doses it adapts making the prescription less and less effective.

The most effective treatment for cold sores is a natural remedy. First of all natural methods are very inexpensive and easy to apply. You can find many of the products at your local grocery store. Eating foods low in arginine and high in lysine is a great method to prevent an outbreak and keep the herpes virus dormant. Your best option is to prevent an outbreak for happening in the first place, you can do this by eating the right foods and getting enough rest to assure your immune system is functioning at the highest level. A strong immune system is the key to preventing outbreaks and stopping one in it's tracks. When your immune systems is strong it creates anti bodies against the herpes virus, forcing it to stay dormant. Stay away from the triggers like junk food, alcohol, and make sure you perform at least 1 hour of strenuous activity a day with plenty of sleep. If you are out of shape your immune system weaker therefore you are more susceptible to cold sore outbreaks. Stay away from fatty, processed foods and food high in sugars. They do nothing for you but turn into fat. Stress is a huge trigger for an outbreak, it weakens the immune systems and causes the virus to flourish. Try using anti stress techniques such as avoiding procrastination and learning to let things go by relaxing with deep breaths when you feel stressed out.

In order to effectively treat your cold sores you must eat healthy and be physically fit. Stay within your calorie range and eat foods high in protein and lysine. Chicken, beans and fish are all healthy choices that can be inexpensive and easy to eat. Remember that the most effective treatment for cold sores is a healthy lifestyle, and a clear stress free body and soul.

By Marc J Darinoal

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