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What’s New in McAfee 2010?


The Internet is full of worms and viruses. Even some of the so-called safe websites that you visit may contain a host of viruses that you have not even heard about. The only thing that stands between all your precious data and the viruses is the antivirus software installed on your system.

The threat of a virus attack can come from the Internet as well as from infected removable drives and open network shares. Think what will happen if all your financial records, online transaction information and credit details fall into the wrong hands or gets destroyed. There are a number of antivirus programs out there that claim to give you maximum possible protection from these threats. However, you need to judiciously pick the best antivirus software for your system.

McAfee Antivirus 2010 is the latest antivirus program from the top security products manufacturer McAfee. It is currently ranked among the top five antivirus programs of all times.

McAfee Antivirus 2010 comes fully updated with all virus definitions for the year 2009. Moreover, after you install the software, it keeps on updating itself to stay ahead of the viruses that are released on the World Wide Web almost every day.

This new and improved version of McAfee Antivirus provides a much-enhanced protection to the end user and ensures them a robust security cover to rely on.  Some of the notable features of this useful security product include:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection that helps in detecting, blocking and removing different types of malware.
  • Anti-phishing feature that warns you against giving personal information of unsolicited websites.
  • Two-way firewall protection to secure both incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer.
  • Website ratings to warn you again accessing insecure websites.
  • Stealth mode to hide your computer from undesired intruders.
  • Shredder to eliminate confidential information from the PC.
  • Quickscan to swiftly check the most often attacked portions of your computer.

The software also prevents malicious applications from installing themselves on your computer and has the capability to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your computer. The best thing is that you can easily get discount McAfee products for peanuts at an online antivirus sale.

You can see that equipped with McAfee Antivirus 2010, you don’t need to opt for separate antispyware, firewall and privacy software. This comprehensively designed security tool from McAfee ensures you complete PC protection.

The security software covers all aspects of basic security requirements of a PC, saving you both time, money, and system resources on having multiple applications for different security requirements.  If this was not enough, you can easily obtain discount McAfee Antivirus, from an antivirus sale at extremely affordable prices.

This antivirus program offered by McAfee is compatible with all Windows operating systems released after XP. So, if you want complete protection for your PC, McAfee Antivirus 2010 is the best solution for you.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of discount McAfee Antivirus 2010, from an antivirus sale today!

By Kevin J Smith

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