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Where Can I Buy Olympic Red Mittens?


This is probably one of the top 10 searches here in Canada and the answer is getting tiresome – sold out, sold out, no longer in stock. This is a huge disappointment to many proud Canadians, who are ready to start getting involved in the spirit of the Vancouver winter games in February 2010. We have somehow all fallen in love with the fuzzy red hand cozies, but when we try to buy a pair, we find ourselves unable to find them for sale.

The red mittens are supposed to be available at HBC, Zellers, on Amazon.com and at The Official Vancouver 2010 Store. So we are told, but countless disappointed people have spent many an evening or Saturday afternoon, going from one of these stores to the next, only to be informed everywhere that they are sold out in all of these locations at this point, March 2010.

Obviously, the governing bodies of the Olympic Retail Supply Universe have either gone on vacation or they are as dinosaur like as the government itself, when it comes to adjusting on its feet to a new demand or situation. Of course, we all know that that people in charge of these things are very busy with more important things to think about that whether there is a shortage of red mittens or not. Jeepers though! Why market the mitts until everyone has to have a pair if you don’t have a proper supply to distribute? They have been sold out since around mid Oct, so why did they not order more at that point? Ah, we’ll never understand these processes!

Millions of Canadians and millions of other nationalities around the world want their red mittens and they would like to have them right now. They want them for Christmas & other holiday gifts, for the patriotism that they want to express, for the trendy fashion accessory to wear at all the events of the Olympics, for the photo ops, the family Christmas card pics and so on.

What on earth is going on? Where are all the mittens?

Right now, you can find a pair of 2010 mitts at on-line red mitten stores in Canada & US. You will have to pay more than the $10 original price that was being charged at the retail outlets. Everyday, more of these private listings get posted, some are even being sold by a relay torch bearer! I would absolutely not part with my red mitts if I had worn them to carry the Olympic Flame! With the demand increasing and the supply dwindling, I wonder just how high the bidding will eventually go. Right now they are selling for $14 – $25 dollars CDN on eBay auctions, but at least we can get a pair.

Here is my wish – that someone at VanOC & the COC would try really really hard to get more mitts, so that everyone who wanted them could actually have a pair. Can it really be that difficult?

Author D. Lennox

By Dee Lennox

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