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Which Die Hard Film is the Best?


Die Hard is the world-known action film series starring John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) as the New York cop that always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For a long time the series was a trilogy – and a brilliant trilogy. It was only up until a few years ago that news was leaked of a new Die Hard film – Die Hard 4.0. Many fans feared the worst (as a bad film can almost ruin all of the good work already done). While the fourth film isn’t the worst thing ever, it certainly isn’t the best, and it certainly isn’t on par with the rest of the series by a long shot. Its main criticisms are that it relies too heavily on special effects that are almost laughable at times, and that McClane seems to act almost like a superhero, whereas in the first 3 films he was just an ordinary cop.

In my eyes (and in most people’s opinion) the first Die Hard film is the best, followed by the third, then the second (which many do not rate highly at all), and then way out in last place is the fourth film. The original movie was groundbreaking, brilliantly acted, was full of suspense, had some amazing action moments and gave you a real sense of terror. Because Willis’ character finds himself trapped in a building with 20+ terrorist and no foreseeable way out (except in a body bag) the audience really roots for him.

By David J P Smith

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