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Why Apple Removed Reviews From Their Website


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On November 17th Apple quietly removed all ratings and reviews from their online store, with no official justification as to why. And this left many people wondering what Apple’s motivation was. After all, about 90% of consumers read reviews before buying a product online, and considering the Apple store offers exclusive items, it can be difficult to find the relevant information customers need to make the right buying decision. So in this video I’m going to share some interesting discoveries I made while investigating this topic and help solve the mystery behind Apple’s decision to remove reviews from their website.

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  1. people give 1 star reviews for no reason or just cuz they want to because they dont like apple but they should have had replies for them so people who know what there talking about can reply to people get the correct info

  2. Apple does some things I disagree and this is one of them. It’s clear they’re trying to keep their brand value high by disabling negative reviews. A response to the trolls? Likely but it affects earnest customers as well.

  3. I have a usb drive that didn’t work on apple adapters. It doesn’t work even on an Asus ROG laptops.

    Ps. It only work on really old budget laptops
    ~ I hate vGen thumbdrives

    Actually the Apple adapter is so reliable for me

  4. Yeh right ..you dont have a job at apple..so making a lie for defending apple is your bussiness

    Apple deletes coments because they dont want fanboys to go suicidal

  5. They have to make a (sleek, nice-looking, homekit-compatible, iCloud storaged) security line.

    Security cams
    (Facial recognition connected to Face-ID from familymembers, via bluethooth like the Airpods the security cam knows who passed by even without seeing the face simply by passing by with iPhone, AppleWatch etc.)

    (Tells if doors or windows are open. Via bluetooth the tags see who passed by)

    (Easily open and close doors and windows via Apple Watch, iPhone etc.)

    (Could give iPhones, HomePods etc. give a 2nd use as a doorbell. They can integrate FaceTime with the doorbell)

    Home App
    (Apple could make a “Family” app or connect Family with the Home app. You can see who is at home, send easy push-notifs, etc.)

  6. they remove any sort of online commentary because the thing they fear most is the costumers seeing their bs for what it really is. they always had an obsession with controlling public opinion of their products. too bad for them social media is a thing now.

  7. I feel like there's little purpose in reviewing Apple products in this way. For a start, people tend to be in two distinct camps when it comes to Apple products. You have those who are so deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem that they'll see past product's shortcomings because of the logo on the back, and those who are so against the whole Apple "culture" that they'll exaggerate its shortcomings. If review pages are flooded with these sorts of people, it can be difficult to find an unbiased and objective viewpoint. Also, when it comes to particularly expensive products, it seems ill-advised to make a purchasing decision based on reviews alone. If buying a phone or laptop say, I personally (as I'm sure many others also do) like to see it in person, hold it, play around with the features etc. before I part with my cash. I do take reviews into consideration when I become interested in a certain product, but the physical interaction is what would make or break my decision to buy. Plus any glaring issues with Apple products tend to get noted and publicised very quickly, some before the product even gets launched, which is helped by social media and tech YouTubers. Losing the reviews on Apple's website isn't necessarily forcing people to buy blind.

  8. Why do you assume that it is USB-C's fault that Apple's dongles are shitty? Especially when there are tons of non-Apple USB-C dongles with amazing reviews that work almost perfectly.

  9. Because Apple HATES and DESPISES their lowly, trashy, disgusting customers. The people with Apple who have details and authority to help refuse to speak with their customers. They are incommunicado. Peoplleave reviews because Apple Support us excellent at obfuscating, refusing to help beyond a very narrow purview. Apple is anticustomer and doesn't want any input other than their deliberately unhelpful Apple Service. This is disgusting, rude, offensive, etc ad nauseum

  10. The New TV App rolled out in Mac OS Catalina does not allow you to rate/review movies and shows any more. THAT really sucks. Probably because they are rolling out their own shows and didn't want the truth on how "good" they are.

  11. For once I'm thoroughly happy with one of Greg's videos. Explained the issue. Didn't make excuses for Apple. I love the research, information and work he puts into each one but have tended to be annoyed by the fact that he seems to try and justify some of Apple's bad decisions. But this video was balanced and straightforward. Good job

  12. They have removed reviews on their products, on movies, and shows. Just like removal of the headphone jack…their excuse is….COURAGE!!! Excuse me while I throw up. Weakness comes down from the top and has infested the whole company. Their new building sums up the new Apple perfectly…a circle jerk. This is what happens when marketing greed / protectionism > engineering practicality / truth.

  13. Ironically, the problem with USD 3 connectors is to keep them in after the socket get through the break-in period. Don't see any of those crappy magsafe adaptors any longer. Arguably, the old Apple magsafe has a more solid connection more prone to tripping hazards.

  14. A part of me wants to believe that Apple doesn’t make decisions maliciously. Meaning that Apple has a genuine rational behind their decisions. I thought getting rid of the headphone jack would be a dealbreaker but it really isn’t. I can see why some are devastated by it, but Apple isn’t afraid to offend its audience. I think apple’s attempt to “streamline” everything is ultimately hurting them. That doesn’t mean I view their decisions as devious.

  15. This is why there's none of a valid reason to buy an Apple product in the first place. I don't totally hate them but removal of reviews are just very disenfranchising to people whi have been patronizing them for quite a long time.

  16. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have an amazing experience with my Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone, simple, elegant, and love how everything connects simple over Bluetooth, idc how cheap android is, it’s fugly 🤷‍♂️🤓

  17. For a moment I thought you were only going to try to say it was justified because of the few stupid one-star reviews that don't actually hold significant weight, but then you stroke the balance at the end. Kudos to you for not blindly justifying (or blindly criticizing for that matter) anything Apple does.

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