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Why EAT Your Website for Better Quality Ratings



Why E-A-T Your Website: How the Quality of Your Website Helps You Be Seen, Known and Trusted

What do you do with vanilla ice cream?

The simple answer is that you eat it.

And you eat vanilla ice cream to enjoy it.

The same is true with your website.

Did you know that Google.com evaluates the quality of your website on how easy it is to E-A-T?

In the first article, we explored the basics of how your website is seen, known and trusted to determine website quality.

Nearly 65% of people who search the internet for a product or service use Google.com.

Google does it best to make sure that the search is productive – that people find what they are looking for – and to enjoy the experience.

Google trains its people to visit, analyze and rate websites on quality.

The underlying factor in website quality is E-A-T.

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

That’s what most buyers want today.

Now read the article to learn more.

Thank you.


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