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Why Helping Your Kid or Teen Start a Home-business Makes Good Sense


Working from home is not just for stay at home parents, telecommuting professionals, or internet gurus anymore. In fact, there have been kids and teens running their own businesses for years. Home businesses for kids, by kids have been around a long time and they are here to stay.

Just a few examples of the many include Cameron Johnson, who started his first official business at 9 years old. (His newest book, You Call the Shots: Succeed Your Way– And Live the Life You Want– with the 19 Essential Secrets of Entrepreneurship gets rave reviews); 

 Another young entrepreneur, Adam Hildreth, started his first business in 1999 at the age of fourteen (now a multimillionaire). In addition, there is Anshul Samar. He began Alchemist Empire, Inc. five years ago over his 4th grade.

Perhaps my favorite is the little girl named Alexandra McDaniel. Her desire to earn enough money to buy her own horse sparked her decision to start her business, kidsroar.com. Watching the interview of Alexandra McDaniel on YouTube can inspire anyone to get to work!

 There are many, many more than I have the space to mention here, but it is very likely that your kid or teen has shown you his or her entrepreneur spirit by asking you to help them to start their own club, drink stand, or some other means by which they could earn extra money. I strongly encourage you to make yourself available as cheerleader, resource, and advisor.

Not only can they earn some extra cash and learn different aspects of running a business, but also all along the way, they will have opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of trouble solving, communication skills, and mathematics.

Of course, as you approach the concept of businesses for kids, be prepared to observe your kid illustrating a greater sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and personal growth as well as an appreciation for perseverance and hard work.

Furthermore, when you make the time to help them start their own business, you’ll also be showing your kid that you believe in him or her, forming a stronger bond of trust and mutual respect.

All these benefits are even more valuable than all the money that your kid or teen could Potentially make. For these reasons, the next time your kid or teen mentions his or her latest business idea – Go with it. I believe it can prove to be a rewarding experience for you as well as for your kids!

By Christine Parsons

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