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Why I LOVE MY NSX An Owners Review 6 Years Later


Six Years later, I thought id finally make a video detailing my nsx and talk about some of the experiences I have encountered under my ownership.FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ASKED, THIS CAR WAS SOLD ABOUT 2 MONTHS AFTER THIS VIDEO WAS MADE. The first half of the video i detail my car, and talk about the top five things I believe should be modified on every nsx to make it more livable and modern. Then i just give you guys some of my opinions on why I enjoyed owning an nsx.


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  1. In that era super cars were f-40 and diablo

    Nsx doesn’t come close to those competitors. No way a supercar

  2. in MY MIND NSX will always be considered a SUPER CAR……………. its what i love and know "not what you can barely finance"……..lol

  3. Which career are u in man to be able to afford so many exquisite vehicles at such young age?

  4. Dammit! I never had my attention drawn to the yellow side marker. Now I can't stop looking at it. Dammit, Dammit Dammit. I just repainted the whole front end too so there is now way I'm going to get there now… I left the Acura airbag but sent the wheel out to be carbon wrapped and flat bottomed. Best $1600 I ever spent. I really love that carbon OEM looking wheel. Good luck with your next ride. I'll be keeping my NSX…

    Great Video. Thanks.

  5. Your cover photo makes you look like a douchebag but I didn't know you speak sign language I don't know what dialect that is with you waving your hand all around.

  6. What a gorgeous tribute to one of the best cars ever made. Thanks, Marsh!

  7. Nsx is so over priced right now. Very disappointed. It should be around $20,000. But, everyone is trying to make some money out if this car. I could even buy used R8 for cheaper price. I drove the Nsx before, I was not overly impressed. I'll stick with cayman s or lotus….;p

  8. Dont crack the frame… Depending on the literal month it was fabricated it may be impossible to fix…Buyers Beware… Its a 10000$ car selling for what 40-80gs… Just build one for 6gs and there you go🤣

  9. Should have bought one in my 20s. Now they are way over priced. I wish you would have mentioned how much you bought it for and how much value it retained or gained.

  10. Great review/tribute. Been following you since the s2k days and glad you’re producing new content marsh 👍

  11. Awesome Video. I've always loved the NSX but after watching this I am seriously debating on buying one even with the crazy price tags recently.

  12. I really like the old NSX have you seen the weight of new NSX it just lost the sporty feel of the old one i try to like the new NSX but not feelin it believe its about 800 pounds heavier.

  13. Most beautiful car ever made imo …and honestly in 2nd is the 91 prelude si…. I just love love love them..I'm so jello of your car.. I'd give you my 250hp R53 in a heartbeat for it…make a man's dream !
    Lol it has rpf1's I see you like em ..15x7s

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