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Why These Basic Horror Films Need to Be Remade Now


About a yr and a 50 % ago, director Rob Zombie was ending up modifying “The Satan&#39s Rejects” when he acquired a connect with from his agent questioning if Rob would like to do a re-tooling of the once-excellent franchise “Halloween”. The only response he acquired back from Mr. Zombie was “Sign me up!” A week or two later, the remaining contracts have been drawn up, filming started, and now “Halloween” will be in theaters once once more on August thirty first, 2007. The motive the task was supplied a greenlight with Rob Zombie attached so fast was the fact that the “Halloween” sequence of films have been actually undesirable recently. Steve Miner directed the final atrocity, “Halloween: H20”, with unquestionably no credibility and no charisma at all.

“Halloween” wanted a contemporary transfusion of blood for it to carry on, and the producers experienced to find a damn excellent director to re-visualize the sequence in a additional contemporary context. Rob Zombie was advised to the producer&#39s by a lot of persons who experienced viewed Zombie&#39s previous two horror flix, the aforementioned “Satan&#39s Reject&#39s”, and the beneath-rated “Household of one thousand Corpses”.

I imagine there are a lot of additional traditional and semi-traditional horror flicks that could actually use a increase from a talented director out there. “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde” springs to brain as a ideal auto for the excellent director David Cronenberg, who commenced out by directing pure horror films like “Scanners” and “The Brood”. He actually could attack a excellent script published by any person who actually gets the horror and nuance of the excellent e book published by Robert Louis Stevenson about a excellent health care provider who turns into a awful monster soon after consuming a concoction he combined up in his lab 1 evening. The makeup transformation on your own would be really worth the rate of admission! I see an actor like Daniel Craig or Heath Ledger in the role of Dr. Jeckyl. Jessica Biel or Scarlet Johannsen would make a actually sexy and appealing Mary Reilly, who falls in appreciate with the diabolical health care provider.

The final time anyone took a actually imaginative stab at “Dracula &#39, it resulted in the amazing” Bram Stoker&#39s Dracula “, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Films that have been made later on, like the laughable” Dracula&#39s Curse “, starring Gerald Butler taking part in a Euro-trash Dracula, in no way ought to have been made in the 1st location. Butler now has large success soon after taking part in King Leonidas in “The 300”, but he actually was 1 of the worst Dracula&#39s in the record of cinema. Brian DePalma would be a ideal prospect for the director&#39s helm, and a serious movie actor like Willem Dafoe or Colin Firth would be an excellent decision to convey the pain and gravitas of Bram Stoker&#39s excellent villain to lifestyle. Also, a actually excellent script by David Mamet would support, but I do not know if he needs to make his fingers bloody by producing a violent screenplay. Some excellent author who requirements a alter from the seriousness of “Syriana”, like Steve Gaghan, would be another suitable prospect.

Last but not least, “The Past Household on the Still left” was the movie that was a Enormous affect on these days&#39s “torture” flicks like the “Noticed” franchise and “Hostel 1 and 2.” This is a very little-viewed horror flick that was directed by a young person referred to as Wes Craven. You may well know him by his later operate directing two large hits, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream”. “Lat Household …” was a movie made in 1972 that highlighted some of the most horrific torture scenes ever place on celluloid at that time. It follows the tale of 2 women who are abducted by three murderers and rapists, and problems the viewer to continue to be in their seat as Craven directs the movie in shut-up 35mm digital camera will take that actually shows the viewer every single violent act dedicated versus these two women by their captors. If Eli Roth, the director of “Hostel”, have been to immediate a remake, I assume important box place of work would stick to.

If any producers are out there examining this, you should give me credit wherever credit is owing, and delight in the flicks!

By Rob Mead