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Why They Launched Harry Potter At 12:01 Midnight


A missionary and his spouse and children had been pressured to camp
outside the house on a hill. They had funds with them and
had been fearful of an attack by roving robbers.

Following praying, they went to rest. Months later
an injured male was introduced into the mission
clinic. He asked the missionary if he had
troopers guarding him on that distinctive evening.

“We intended to rob you,” he reported, “but we
had been concerned of the 20-7 troopers.”

When the missionary returned to his homeland, he
connected this peculiar tale, and a member of his
church reported, “we had a prayer meeting that evening,
and I took the roll. There had been just 20-7
of us current.”

Why was their prayer so effective?

Mainly because they prayed it at the midnight hour.

(By the way, that tale is from Billy Graham’s
Hope for the Troubled Heart.)

A short while ago, a little something else was also programmed into
the midnight hour. It was so huge, so much-reaching,
with the potential to impact the lives of untold
thousands and thousands about the environment.

I am chatting about the world wide start of the new
book in the Harry Potter series on July 16th.

The Midnight Start

Except you have been vacationing in some cave (away
from tv and other information media) these earlier couple weeks,
you most definitely have been bombarded by the
hottest wave of “Pottermania,” which was released
just right after midnight (12:01a.m.to be specific) in
all the continents.

Children all more than the environment had to camp out at midnight,
in their preferred bookstores just to grab their copy
of “Harry Potter and the 50 % blood prince,” the
hottest book in the wildly common Harry Potter series.

The books had been reportedly traveling off the shelves at
the price of 50,000 copies an hour! Unbelievable.

But why was it released at midnight?

Non secular individuals realize that midnight is a
critical non secular entity on its individual. The most
effective, history-making gatherings that you listen to about
(the two superior and terrible) can be traced to the midnight hour.

A couple examples from the Bible:

* When God wanted to execute judgment on Egypt, He
chose the midnight hour (Exodus 11).

* Samson waited until the midnight hour to storm
the gates of his enemies (Judges sixteen).

* It was at midnight that Paul and Silas had been
rescued from prison (Functions sixteen).

So was it any shock that:

* Those at the forefront of the world wide revival
of witchcraft waited until midnight of July sixteen
to start their deadly weapon?

Numerous terrible issues that we listen to about every day have their
origin at midnight. In Career 34:twenty we go through:

“In a second shall they die, and the individuals
shall be troubled at midnight, and go away:
and the mighty shall be taken without hand.”

So why did they start Harry Potter at midnight?

If you are a Christian you could or could not be informed of
the explosive revival of witchcraft internationally,
pioneered by a spirit acknowledged to our fashionable environment as
Harry Potter. His actual identify in the Bible is
Beelzebub, lord of the flies.

He has brilliantly repackaged himself and is becoming
promoted to unsuspecting little ones the environment more than as
the exciting, harmless, even lovable Harry Potter!

In this fashionable incarnation, he has some intriguing
issues on his agenda for little ones. It’s been named
the seven-level strategy.

Harry’s seven-level Agenda

* Entice and initiate as a lot of little ones as attainable
into “exciting” witchcraft as a result of the Harry Potter
books and films… and gradually but quietly
graduate them into deep occultism and tricky
core black magic as they mature older.

* Press them to dedicate suicide (Notice: a lot of little ones
are claimed to have gone into deep depression
already as a final result of the loss of life in this new
book – just the prelude to suicide).

* Use extra little ones as instruments to dedicate mass
murder in schools and other general public locations.

* Use harmless wanting little ones to entice and recruit
their unsuspecting close friends into witchcraft
(In the town where I stay 610 little ones gathered
just two days right after the start to exercise how to
solid spells and blend parts)

* Posture at the very least just one witchcraft-practising
child in every spouse and children, then later equip her to
wreck the home and switch that spouse and children into a

* Use the little ones to advertise an epidemic of
rise up (with a minimal help from drugs
and hip hop tunes), in addition an unparalleled
stage of pornography, sexual perversion and

* Use the little ones as the foot troopers in the
renewed war versus the distribute of the gospel of
Jesus Christ to the next generations.

The Excellent News

You see, this clever witchcraft spirit (or
Harry Potter, if you like) is waging this
major war versus little ones figuring out totally very well that
they are tomorrow’s leaders… and GOD has a
distinctive strategy for them.

We know from Psalm 8:two that GOD wishes to use
the youngsters to disgrace His enemies.

And HE has graciously give us a really effective
weapon to help preserve our little ones out of the clutches
of Harry Potter (a.k.a. Beelzebub).

That weapon is…

To pray more than our little ones when they are sleeping.
We, as dad and mom, should minister to them carefully
and in really like.

Infants and youthful youngsters (which include the ones
in the womb) need to have to be prayed for versus
terrible influence from close friends, and unconscious
witchcraft initiation as a result of Pottermania.

They need to have to be continually put less than the
security of the blood of Jesus.

You should really get into the pattern of reading through the
whole Psalm 91 more than your youngsters… every day.

This is a tiny sample of the sort of prayer
you should really be praying:

“As the LORD lives, my little ones (mention them by
identify) shall not occur less than the bewitchment of
Harry Potter and his agents in Jesus’ identify.

I bind all enchantments and divinations
programmed to waste my little ones in Jesus’ identify.

The God that solutions by hearth enable him be God.
O LORD, answer by hearth and disgrace each individual evil
messenger assigned versus my little ones in the
identify of Jesus.”

If you plan this sort of prayer into the
midnight hour, it will:

* counter and destroy any evil altar raised
up by Harry Potter versus your little ones.

* recall and crack all incantations uttered
that evening to destroy the destiny of your little ones.

(Be sure to notice: God can take this form of action
severely, simply because HE is aware the harmful
consequences of divinations, etc… you can go through
about the typical case of Balaam in Num. 22).

* (this is an exciting just one!) stamp the mark of
“contact not my anointed” on the brow of
all your youngsters. This will effectively
set them out of access of fashionable witchcraft

And there is extra…

I am reserving it for next time…

Be blessed!

By Elisha Goodman