Home Game Review Why You Should Not Buy The 2TB Xbox One S Console Over The 500GB One!!! – Overwatch Gameplay

Why You Should Not Buy The 2TB Xbox One S Console Over The 500GB One!!! – Overwatch Gameplay


In this overwatch multiplayer gameplay i talk about the reasons you should not buy the $400 2tb xbox one slim. you should buy the 500gb $299 version and heres why.

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  1. Man this is really good advice, I was gona get the 2TB but I was not thinking what so ever, you just saved me so so much money, I think i will be getting the 500 not the 1 or 2TB xbox one, does the 1 or 2TB console have more features them the 500?

  2. I get what your saying but ppl don't like to see an external box hanging out of their console. The console so sexy to have something hang out of it making it look sloppy and out of shape lol

  3. Maybe people would rather buy a bigger spaced console so they won't to have to deal with an external source. People probably want the hard drive inside the Xbox so when they travel they don't have to deal with another object.

  4. Did you even comment on the fact that the ports are actually faster speed then the internal SATA… that would be the best reason why you would get the 500gb with a faster external drive.

  5. I am definitely getting the 500gb version now thanks man. But like the comments said get to the point lol. I mean you said it in the first couple minutes of the video then just repeated your point over and over? so work on that. But your video did help me.

  6. Still have day one addition, sealed, ready to open this Christmas, is this system ok to upgrade via external drive or should i buy a totally NEWer system, had day one from release, now son old enough to enjoy, so ready to open, but not sure if its gonna be up to par with new systems out, thanks for your help, direct email UPLNU@AOL.COM

  7. This guy makes a good point about this and it's probably what I'm going to do but another reason why people would get the 2tb one over the 500gb one is because they don't want to have to deal with running out of space. They just want to plug it in and go.

  8. Reasons for having a 2tb console with a 2tb external hard drive:
    GTA 5
    Battlefield 4
    Battlefield Hardline
    Battlefield 1
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
    Call Of Duty: Ghosts
    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    ……….wow looking at all the space sizes of games. The biggest games, capacity wise, are mostly FPS games.

    Edit: Oh and don't forget all the games wth gold and backwards compatible games.

  9. I totally agree with you 100percent when I got my 1 teribyte Xbox 1 s and already own a 1 terabyte external harddrive and when I found out they can be used on the xbox I tried it and format the harddrive and it works just as if it was all internal storage and now that I think about it I could have saved the extra 50 bucks I spent on it and got tge 500 gb Xbox 1 and still had more than enough space for the games I have so I totally agree if they take the time and do the math they will find your way is so much cheaper and smarter

  10. If you get the 2 terabyte internal hard drive xbox you can have even more memory by getting the external hard drive to add with that one. So instead of having a 500gb internal hard drive xbox with a 4 terabyte external hard drive, you can have a 2 terabyte internal hard drive xbox with a 4 terabyte external hard drive giving you a full 6 terabyte memory. Yeah the 2 terabyte internal hard drive Xbox one may be a bit of a rip off, but you'll still be able to add more memory than the 500 gb Xbox one. Unless you somehow take apart the Xbox one with 500gb as internal storage and replace it with an internal terabyte memory hard drive..

  11. The guys is dum as fuck cuz if u had a Xbox one s 500gb and u want to buy 2TB u can cuz Xbox one s has small storage and u can get it because it only has 500gb well if u want to get it. But don't listen to the cunt he needs a slap to Africa

  12. I buyed the 500gb one and i delete the games of my console and sell it when I play the storry out or when I'm done with the game

  13. I bought the Gears of War Xbox 1s 2TB for $380. Well worth the money! Love it! Buy it. You wont regret it. Go Ebay. No tax

  14. I don't trust anyone who disabled the likes and dislikes. Make me think you have something to hide.

  15. Xbox One only can run 2 external Hard drives at 2 Terabytes each at one time. According to Microsoft.
    Plus this video would be wrong if you were buying the 2 terabyte Gears of War console. Like I did and added 2 hard drives giving the system 6 terabytes for storage, which is almost filled up since I got it.

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