Home Game Review Wii-kly Reviews: 3DS Gameplay & First Impression (From BestBuy)

Wii-kly Reviews: 3DS Gameplay & First Impression (From BestBuy)


This is a recording of Wii-kly Reviews playing the 3DS game Pilotwings Resort for the Nintendo 3DS. Please comment rate and subscribe. Thanks everyone 🙂

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  1. Oh, you were trying it out at Best Buy. I almost thought you got it really early. XP

    Anyway, awesome video. I hope to get it when it comes out. 😀

  2. @TheKyGuy Thanks alot. Ya I wish I had it already x.x; It's driving me nuts just seeing it sit there in best buy. I WANT IT NOW ;.;!!!!

  3. Yer I thought you got it early two! I was wondering what games have you preordered? I have preordered Rayman and Ridge Racer.

  4. @haloboyjd I only have preordered right now Super Street Fighter 4 3D. But after that preorder is done i'll be getting Dead or Alive. I wanna try to step it up on my fighting games and get better. But i will say this.. That 3DS is amazing.. the 3D Visuals are just incredible… I didn't get even a small headache from it i sat there for a good 30 minutes playing it. And switching back to 2D as well felt extremely natural.

  5. @Ouendanmario64 You got it 😛 And actually it does have its own code but the good thing is you don't have to enter in anyones code on different games. the code will always be the same. No matter what. And i really like that. 1 code for each system makes it so much easier.

  6. @Sylverstone14 Dude i know i'm still grinning like crazy.. I GOT TO HOLD THE SYSTEM!!

  7. @MrAbel94 Nah thats the one Nintendo sent. Besides Blue looks much better than the Black. and its not that baby blue like the DSi this ones like a chrome blue very glittery but very beautiful.

  8. @Sergmanx Street Fighter unless my tax return comes in i might pick up Pilot Wings Resort and preorder dead or alive.

  9. @MGSFoxUnit Thanks as always MGS. I will be showing off even more when my 3DS is unboxed on day launch. Street Fighter 4 3D will be played on it. And hopefully i can show off as much of the content as i can. If you do pick it up please give me your friend code :3 And im gonna have another review up soon.

  10. @RPGMASTER011 That they did. The 3D Effects were effin amazing… I can't wait to get that handheld into my hands again!

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