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Wii-kly Reviews: BIT. TRIP SAGA 3DS Review


The Review for Bit Trip Saga on Nintendo 3DS. The game received a 7/10 from Wii-kly Reviews. This is a fanmade review for BIT. TRIP SAGA. Commander Video and the Bit Trip series is owned by Aksys & Gajin Games. All Rights Reserved to their respectful parties.

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  1. @weezmurda I agree they are But still with the problems in the 3D they still had major problems. Ones that should have been fixed from the very beginning when in development.

  2. @weezmurda The 3D Effects in the game were horrible with FrameRate on 3DS. Something that shouldn't have happened with such a simple game graphically to put on a 3DS Cartridge. It was a rushed title i can tell. But still even without the 3D on its good. Just dont have on 3D and you'll enjoy it.

  3. @Tails86 ake note u won't sart seeing alot of gammes using the 3d effect real good until next year when develpoers get use to the hardware I heard SM3DL looks amazing hough giving thats a nintendo 1st party i will be buying that game on day 1

  4. i don't think the problem is the game was rushed, its because
    1- they have a small team
    2 – they were working on COMPLETE at the same time, which has a lot more content then SAGA.

  5. I agree.. But i still believe that if they wanted to fix the game to make it run better they could easily make a Patch for the game. (Unless if there was no way of fixing that. I heard they did it for problems in Ridge Racer not only cause of the game doing the Black Screen of death.) But because of some slow down issues. The Patch improved the game a tiny bit by fixing the bug in it. So if they can fix that for a Namco game. I believe Gajin could have also done the same for Bit Trip Saga now.

  6. Ya man nothing at all which is really sad… . I wish they did it would have sold much better if it had some stuff like that i think. If anything i would still suggest getting the game though if you dont pay over $20 and dont use the 3D effects. Otherwise its good.

  7. its now 5 dollars cheaper ($15) πŸ˜€ and its on the nintendo eshop also so you dont have to lose it again πŸ˜€ (i lost mines before so im getting it from the eshop on friday :D)

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