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Wii-kly Reviews: BIT. TRIP SAGA 3DS Unboxing + Gameplay


Wii-kly Reviews joins Commander Video in discovering unique and engaging gameplay in the BIT TRIP SAGA game for Nintendo 3DS. Also check out BIT.TRIP Complete on Wii for $29.99! This is a fanmade unboxing of Bit Trip Saga for Nintendo 3DS. Gajin/Aksys Games own Commander Video and all music recorded in the game. All Rights Reserved to Aksys/Gajin games for making this game.

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  1. You're so lucky. I have to wait until Monday. My GameStop doesn't seem to be getting it, so I had to order from Amazon.

  2. @SilverWingedOne Dude i know i am I got very lucky the gamestop i went to get it literally had 1 copy left. Even though it wasn't wrapped it was still so awesome opening it. Other than no online or anything the game still is great playing on the Go. Can't wait to do a review of this and Starfox 64 3D too.

  3. @Darkmessiah24 Ya i haven't heard when the PAL region one is coming out. Still no release date from what i've seen. Hopefully your able to get it very soon. 😀

  4. @videogameheat Despite the no online and leaderboards its still good to carry around to get your Commander Video skills on 😛

  5. @SoulSilverIV Ya like i said i got very lucky… But i have actually noticed some problems with the game from the last world said the frame rate had some problems. But i haven't seen anything yet. I'll keep everyone updated when i review it later in the future.

  6. @gamereviewsss Gamestop is the only place you can get it (from what i know). Walmart and Target don't sell them

  7. Urgh. Why is it so offbeat in BEAT?! Gaijin seem to have lost their touch when it comes to rhythmic programming.

  8. @sonicbey10 I agree same with mine. But i wouldn't buy this version. If you have a Wii version try it out for sure. That one i heard was amazing. Plus you get the OST with it. 🙂

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