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Wii-kly Reviews: Gameplay Demo of Rayman Legends on Wii U


BAMALAM! Wii-kly Reviews rocks out playing 2 levels that will be in the Rayman Legends game exclusively for Wii U. Also please everyone remember (I shot this video with my 3DS because my other camera i had left at home. But still anyone that complains YOU LIKE MEN!)

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  1. Oh nwell i had fun that was the thing that i most enjoyed. those two levels were great and i loved the controls on the gamepad.

  2. It's so hard to find one anywhere now. Which sucks considering I wanted to get the deluxe edition as a standalone AWESOME christmas present.

  3. So how is the touch screen used in the singal player mode? By the way nice way to tell us ha ha I got to play it first lol. This game looks amazing it looks like a must pic up for the Wii U. Thanks for the video bro keep up the amazing work.

  4. From what i played on the first two levels the one where i was first doing Black Betty portion there is no touch screen. The other level was used for opening doors breaking chains and also doing things like moving the platforms and destroying the enemies. Like tickling them which you heard me laugh during the first time. I thought that was very cool. I'll be honest I wasn't gonna get a Wii U… BUT.. I might break down and get it once the hype for them goes down a tiny bit. and for this game! ^^

  5. Security to The Wii U Security to the Wii U we have a overly excited young male wearing a grey t shirt that says "Those who think they know everything annoy those of us who do". Be on a look out for this kid for he is Wii-kly Reviewers a gamer! and has a Troll Face!

  6. This sounds very cool indeed. As for me I ordered my Wii U the day Nintendo did the Wii U Preview, and I don't think I will regret it on little bit.

  7. I find it strange how Rayman seems to have multiple abilities. Like being able to throw his fists like boomerangs, throw silver energy bullets, and just hand-to-hand combat. Kinda makes him a bit overpowered lol

  8. thats the thing with this one he doesn't have energy bullets in this game. Just run kick and same style from Rayman Origins. But I still like how the Gameplay they used here on Wii U was designed. Especially the first stage where you are acting like on a HUGE guitar.

  9. dont worry man I do have camera that record in that as i said though. My folks didnt tell me they were heading over there and i had no idea they even had a demo station of it. Next time we head over i'll come up with another recording. 720p Promise 😀

  10. Thanks :-D, reminds me of my Dads sony handheld recorders from back in the mid 90's lol. Wish we had the demo stations here in the UK, not heard anything as of yet though :-/.

  11. sadly again i wish i brought my other camera. I literally had to turn off the ratings cause of the bad camera. But that was all i had. And i wanted to show ot to people. But i never expected it to hit my channel this hard even with views. :O It was a true shocker. I never owned a camera when i was a kid. I only had one of those disposable ones.

  12. Yeah, not many demo station clips on youtube as of yet so the few that do get uploaded are getting alot of traffic.

  13. dude as i said This was recorded on a 3DS in the description. Also next time if i get a chance to shoot more i'll bring my real camera next time.

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