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Wii-kly Reviews: Nano Assault 3DS Unboxing + Gameplay


The Last game in the award winning Nano Stray series arrives for Nintendo 3DS Nano Assault. Fan of Shmups? Also try out the original NanoStray & NanoStray 2 on Nintendo DS. I DO NOT OWN Nano Assault. The Nanostray Series is created by Shin’en Multimedia and Published by Majesco All Rights Reserved to their respectful parties.

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  1. I think you were like the only person looking forward to this, lol. but I'll give it a rent regardless.

  2. @karlvinland you might have to get it online at Amazon or Ebay. I think there was a very short quantity of them made. But trust me its awesome!

  3. @SolidusGodzilla Thanks Space who knows you might actually like this one.. Plus i promise its got a much harder difficulty than Starfox 64 3D did. It will take you longer than an hour to beat this.. Too much stuff on the whole game to collect and beat in a short amount of time.. I'd probably say if you wanted everything.. If you went all out… 30 hours i'd say if you wanted everything unlocked.

  4. @djtunasistario You could send them my video in a email if you like. That would be really nice of you to do for me 🙂 nd thanks for liking the video. The game is amazing!

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