Home Game Review Wii-kly Reviews: Nintendo 3DS Unboxing (Aqua Blue) + Super Street Fighter 4 3D Unboxing/Gameplay

Wii-kly Reviews: Nintendo 3DS Unboxing (Aqua Blue) + Super Street Fighter 4 3D Unboxing/Gameplay


Wii-kly Reviews unveils the Nintendo 3DS as well as the Game Super Street Fighter 4 3D. Hope you all Enjoy!

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  1. i added you my 3ds fc is 0430 8275 9886 and my nickname is Blackstar
    the game i bought was also street fighter 4

  2. @Dragoonknight717 Well not everyone can afford it on day launch. So don't fret about it. Eventually they WILL make a smaller version. They say they won't but they will

  3. @Bigsmilereviews Yes very sweet. and will be even sweeter when cavestory 3DS hits US in June 😛

  4. @Ryan75357 Honesly here is my opinion. Some people (this is a plain guess) have a problem dealing with the 3D effects. Now remember there is a 3D Depth Slider on the system that measures how much 3D you want to have displayed. I will say the 3DS is a breakthrough in technology for nintendo though. 1 reason being the Nintendo Handhelds have gotten as much 3rd party support since the gamecube. So i'm glad to see such great third party support.. I honestly think 3DS will own PSP2.

  5. @Tails86 And i also believe that if sony trys to price that handheld any higher than $300 (my guess being over $350) Nobody will buy it. It will be dead just like the PSPgo. But they are gonna have to have some games added into the system or nobody will pay the price.

  6. @Ryan75357 No there are some good games out there. You just have to look for the right ones. Street Fighter is very good, Super MonkeyBall i heard was good, Ridge Racer is fun, Pilotwings Resort is also fun. But remember there are tons of games coming out soon. But over all i think it works very well.

  7. @MGSFoxUnit Online is free just like the Nintendo Wiis Wifi. The Internet connection on Street Fighter is amazing.. You can do spectating from what i've heard but i have no idea on how to do it.. But i've played countless matches and not had jardly any lag. (And i have horrible basic DSL Internet. But you just connect with a wireless router and your all set. ^^

  8. my friend code for the 3ds is 4210-3990-8551, by the way this unboxing of the 3ds is very good and i like it very much

  9. @noog0909 I will be reviewing that when i review the 3DS which will be in about 4 to 5 days.

  10. @xramengrlx And lemme guess. Thats the only sentence you can speak? 😛 Thats like that Family guy episode.

  11. @Tails86 Lol no…I, was just joking…uh…American isn't a language…English is…I was just poking fun at ya'. 😛

  12. @well honestly i like the blue one. Because it just has like a nice sparkle to it. I've seen the black ones and just me with black systems. I don't like seeing my finger prints all over it unlike on the blue one you can just take a shirt or something and rub it off and it looks like brand new. But i'd say the Blue one.

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